Player Ratings And 3 Things Wot I Learned…

Guten morgan happy clappen. The feel good factor continues a pace then. The game was exactly what it ought to have been what with us being at home, on a roll and better at playing football than them all factoring in to a decent win. In no particular order I was actually sad to see… Continue reading Player Ratings And 3 Things Wot I Learned…

5 To Be Offloaded In January

What’s that gently flowing through my veins? Oh yes my old companion inertia. My proposed sojourn to the shops for a delicate bout of hoisting will at least keep me Royal Wedding gush free. ‘They are very much in love’ says some commemorative plate manufacture in Swindon with the sort of conviction he last used … Continue reading 5 To Be Offloaded In January

Spurs Fleshpot XI

Gratuitous skin flicks and weak jokes. Welcome home I say. I’ve opted for a conventional 4-4-2 formation and I feel confident it’s the right choice. Carlo’s Mrs as custodian of the sticks. Despite her hubby’s doubtful form, Charlie’s Iva Buzov looks like a stellar prospect, in a gloriously obvious way. Wooders is represented by his… Continue reading Spurs Fleshpot XI

Spurs Fans Suck

My burning question this morning is who are THFC are selling home tickets to these days? Did anyone else feel the hate in the room last night? We seem to revisiting that whole ’emotional investment’ conversation again and again. Look, I’m not advocating we routinely accept daft results like only taking a point off habitual… Continue reading Spurs Fans Suck

Your Man Of The Match – Versus Everton

Mine was undoubtedly Kaboul. There were lots of positives (you never hear this phrase after a win – funny that) from lots of players. But Kaboul was for want of a better word, staunch. He arrived at The Lane with a burden of expectation upon his Gallic shoulders and the old girl never quite bore… Continue reading Your Man Of The Match – Versus Everton

Transfer Exclusive – It’s A Done Deal

Hello my dears. What can I tell you? Well looking at the seven day forecast we really are in for a week of nothingness. Nothingness with occasional damp patches, with many areas of little to look at being partially obscured by thinning clouds, especially in and around the Tottingham Hotspurs. Azza Blud, Dances With Stones… Continue reading Transfer Exclusive – It’s A Done Deal