Player Ratings And 3 Things Wot I Learned…

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Guten morgan happy clappen.

The feel good factor continues a pace then. The game was exactly what it ought to have been what with us being at home, on a roll and better at playing football than them all factoring in to a decent win.

In no particular order I was actually sad to see Jenas go off. He has drastically improved of late and this was a game that would have probably suited him in terms of the shape Werder played etc…

Is one of your goats missing? The odds are that 3MP has it. He’s got mine. I’m finding this ‘pop it onto the big fella’s bonce’ routine increasingly irritating. It’s not a strategy, it’s a lottery. Passing to Pete turns possession into a 50/50 ball.

Kaboul is looking damn good. Insightful comment perhaps after 2 goals in 2 games, but while his goals are more than welcome but foremost I need him to do his job at the back well and he has been. Let’s hope his consistency continues…


Gomes Rumoured to have watched the 2nd half in the Bill Nick

Begbie 5.73 He can run, jury still out on everything else

Raging Kaboul 7.1 Great shift

Billy Bob 7.09 Looking every bit like a captain. Blimey

A&E 4 Erratic would give a bad name to erratic things

Azza 6.79Certainly improving, flashes of what he can deliver

Jenarse Gout

Modders 8Took him a good while to bloom

Bale, Bale, Bale 7 Good game, pants penalty

Roman – 5 Forgettable

3MP – 7 Are all his faults in his detractor’s minds. Including me?

Krankie – 6 Great to see him back, looked keen as you like

Defoe – 6 Greedy? Not if he’d scored. He didn’t. Greedy

Arry – Good luck in front of the Beak today

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  • mark says:

    great result but ruined by persistent fouls and a crap referee.

  • Scotspurs says:

    This CL lark is brilliant!

  • osvaldo villa says:

    Much to hard on Begbie, he put in a solid good performance, A&E 4 get off his back both deserved at least 6.5 after a great team performance, the only one that stood out as poor was Pav, so nothing changes does it.

  • spurlative says:

    The ref i thought did blow up a lot, but to be fair they were all fouls. However he did then go on to not blow up for a foul on lennon just outside the box, where the defender blatantly left his leg behind him to trip him. Should have been a yellow card for the defender. Should have been a yellow card for azza for ‘simulation’ …
    I thought we couldve done them 5 – 0 they were piss poor, but we coasted through probably thinking about the Puddles game…

  • mike pinner says:

    agree a bit harsh on the full backs. what about wilson, apart from one poor pass I thought he looked back to something like his best, sorry to see jenas go off but sarge gives us more balance and allows modders more freedom.

    • Bruce Castle says:

      I agree; I thought wilson played a blinder. Well timed tackles and the grit and determination that he once had, but lost for a while.

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