Spurs Fleshpot XI

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Gratuitous skin flicks and weak jokes. Welcome home I say. I’ve opted for a conventional 4-4-2 formation and I feel confident it’s the right choice.

Carlo’s Mrs as custodian of the sticks. Despite her hubby’s doubtful form, Charlie’s Iva Buzov looks like a stellar prospect, in a gloriously obvious way. Wooders is represented by his squeeze, Natalie Downing who is indeed Stupot Downing’s sis.

The love of Ledders’ life no longer appears on cans. Rather in them. Begbie wouldn’t leave home with out this and Montana Manning is probably as useful in a scrap. Jamie O’Hara’s Ms Lloyd is staying that way as their marriage is postponed, unlike Modders who is now hitched to Vanja Modders.

Ellie Penfold nee Jenas is hoping to push on for a top 4 finish and is ably assisting Clancy & Keane who might be lacking up front but we are assured they do run about a bit to compensate.

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