Super Krankie Goes Ballistic Malta Are Atrocious [highlights]

Image for Super Krankie Goes Ballistic Malta Are Atrocious [highlights]

So the man that appears only good enough to edge the Tottinghams first team squad does the business yet again on the International stage.

I have to question why this guy isn’t getting more of a run out in the current climate of ‘crockedness’.

Come on you Spurs and throw Nico into the damn mix. He’s a class player!

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  • He’s got to be better than VDV or Bale to get in the team, otherwise he’s a squad player. Don’t see him playing on the right…

  • Fatfish says:

    Agreed Harry. But the problem is where to play him?

    With Thudd out, assuming we carry on with VDV just off the front man, that means Bale left, Modders central, Sarge / Jenas / Sandra central & Lennon on the right. We would be too lightweight with Krankie & Modders central. Krankie cant play out on the right, he has proved this several times.

    You cant drop Bale to left back, as he does lose some of his effectiveness & BAE is a better left back as well as being one of our most consistent players this season.

    The only 2 options are VDV right with Krankie just off the striker or Modders out right & Krankie central. The problem with that is you are sacrificing out 2 most naturally gifted players for the sake of keeping someone happy.

    However, with our injury problems this season, VDV, Modders & Bale will all be out by the Chelsea game. :-(

  • Spurlative says:

    Krankers first goal came from the right…
    Would you keep Bentley or Krankie?
    Bentley cost an awful lot more unfortunately…

  • mil says:

    harry you bitch

  • mil says:

    kranjcar is much better then lennon.BUT sorry lennon is english.Lennon only have speed,nothing else.and vdv is good player but you will see soon why real dont wont him.

    • Spurstacus says:

      You let yourself down when you tried to make a sentance. You should stick to the short, meaningless, nasty three word posts.

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