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VDV Is ‘Different Gravy’ Say John & Yoko

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Pires is a ponce silly boy.

If I was to draw up a list of really stupid things not to do as they may result in my death or permanent injury, somewhere between the top and the bottom would be, ‘have a pop at Joe Jordan, or at very least one of his mates while Joe is standing close by’. Here’s some almost ropey footage of the incident…. HERE

Otherwise it was a nerve jangling affair with Jermain Defoe being entered in the case file of clips that prove referees need video technology to aid them in their task. And the BAFTA for Getting An Arm Around The Ear Then Clutching Your Eyes Whilst Shouting , ‘I Am Blinded, Dec!’ goes to…

Van der Vaart is a blessing. We often talk about attitude and commitment of players. When I mean talk, I mean question of course. Raphael’s apparent devotion to duty is a  joy to behold. His intelligence and talents on the field are just amazing and in a time of badge kissing mercenaries he really is different gravy.

We are a side that spends long periods of time waiting patiently for a Messiah to come along and just occasionally …we seem to get one.


Simão | Myspace Video

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  • spurlative says:

    Without taking away credit where it is due to the individual performers, i think as a team we were just brilliant. Every single player put in a shift last night. Hallmarks of high team spirit!
    The way the whole coaching staff leaps from the bench when a goal is scored.
    The way players punch the air at the final whistle.
    Harry telling Pires to shove a baguette up his arsenal.
    Dawson got his head at everything! I am so please for Kaboul as well, the guy is turning into a rock and he looks like a genuinely nice guy. Always plays with a smile on his face.
    Bale and Lennon swithcing flanks, Harry asking sarge to tight mark albrighton at the end. Bringing on Crouch to clear countless headers out of the danger zone.
    You can see even when J*nas came off the bench, there was that air of enthusiasm to get involved. No one looks sad to be on the bench anymore.

    Modric is pure class.

    For the first time last night, i actually thought that if asked: top players would say they would love to play for Spurs.

  • 89spur says:

    Spot on Harry. Long may it last, a great player with a very good engine, and plenty of desire.

  • Astromesmo says:

    My attention was focused on Harry having a go when I watched the game last night, but when you watch it again, look at Jordan eyeballing the falling Frenchman as he walks away. He does everything bar making a little gun shape with his hand and cranking off a single shot. It’s like staring out Bob Hoskins in Long Good Friday… Genius.

    I love VDV in the background as well, throwing down his jacket and getting ready for a little Dutch afters. Superb. Give him the club captaincy, the keys to the Exec washroom, DL’s parking space and a lifelong free pass to Tottenham Star Kebab house as far as I’m concerned.

    The spirit in the camp is amazing right now and a bloody great chunk of it is down to him.


    • Anthony In That Number says:

      We just need to swap PSB for a bag of marbles or a used Christmas Cracker and get the much requested forward in and well the year does end in one etc..etc…etc.

      VdV is just brilliant, absolute class. He finds space and time so easily and plays between the lines so well. He is almost impossible to track because he is so intelligent with his movement ( I will say this quietly but he reminds me of Bergkamp). If you ally that to the pace we have got with Lenny and WonderBoy, and the vision of Modders we are going to be pretty hard to stop. Just need a finisher up top as we have all been saying for the last 12 months. All things considered though it is a brilliant time to be a Spur. This is the best squad we have had in my 43 years watching this great club. We are playing the Spurs way and it is absolutely edge of seat stuff but could not be any other way. COYS…. PS Thought Sarge was awesome yesterday and back to his old self.

    • melcyid says:

      Ithought harry said a bien Tot to that frenchy

  • Astromesmo says:

    You know how some people have nightmares about continually falling… Does Pires have nightmares about standing up?

  • onedavemackay says:

    As I’ve said before VDV is our Cantona. He can score or create a goal at any time in any game against any opposition. As an example, all three goals against the Goons he was involved with.

    Sometimes we all get lucky and the luck with Rafa is that he was on the perimeter at Madrid whereas now he is the big cog in our little wheel. But the fact we’ve got him not only brings success on the pitch but also keeps the Bales, and Modders etc believing WHL is the pace to be.

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