Date: 27th December 2010 at 10:26am
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Pires is a ponce silly boy.

If I was to draw up a list of really stupid things not to do as they may result in my or permanent injury, somewhere between the top and the bottom would be, ‘have a pop at Joe Jordan, or at very least one of his mates while Joe is standing close by’. Here’s some almost ropey footage of the incident…. HERE

Otherwise it was a nerve jangling affair with being entered in the case file of clips that prove referees need video technology to aid them in their task. And the BAFTA for Getting An Arm Around The Ear Then Clutching Your Eyes Whilst Shouting , ‘I Am Blinded, Dec!’ goes to…

is a blessing. We often talk about attitude and commitment of players. When I mean talk, I mean question of course. Raphael’s apparent devotion to duty is a  joy to behold. His intelligence and talents on the field are just amazing and in a time of badge kissing mercenaries he really is different gravy.

We are a side that spends long periods of time waiting patiently for a Messiah to come along and just occasionally …we seem to get one.


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