Hotspur’s Hunches

Game Week numero uno in the Premier League and these are my predictions. Arsenal vs Sunderland All the chatter has been about the departure of Van Persie, but the more level headed in the audience may wish to dwell upon the arrivals of Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podoloski and Santi Cazorla which is about £40m worth… Continue reading Hotspur’s Hunches


Good Morning. Stone me. I went to see Alabama 3 last night. Been some fair time since I first saw them and if I left with only one thought it was that their audience these days is a demographic I want no part of. Ever been trapped in a dimly lit public toilet with flatulent… Continue reading Prattle

Everton Away – The Prattle

The Tottinghams travel to face an Everton side with form on a par with Aston Villa. Tim Cahill has just revealed to a number of Toffee fans that Australia is in fact in Asia and will not be participating in tonight’s fixture. His absence is another nail in David Moye’s coffin and if he’s able… Continue reading Everton Away – The Prattle

Karim Benzema Loan Deal Done

This is a good thing. HH understands that a loan deal with an option to buy has been agreed with Real Madrid. Benzema has been inked tentatively with many other clubs under the slowly reemerging sun including Le Arsenal, Chelsea, Villa and Manchester City of course. Arry made a typical Arry style denial about the… Continue reading Karim Benzema Loan Deal Done

VDV Is ‘Different Gravy’ Say John & Yoko

Pires is a ponce silly boy. If I was to draw up a list of really stupid things not to do as they may result in my death or permanent injury, somewhere between the top and the bottom would be, ‘have a pop at Joe Jordan, or at very least one of his mates while Joe is standing close… Continue reading VDV Is ‘Different Gravy’ Say John & Yoko

Ashley Young Is Quality Street

  When I was a kid, our family procuring the big tin of Quality Street for Christmas was a status symbol. I have a clear recollection of one year being told upfront that there would be no big tin as we did didn’t have any spare money that year.  I had no concept of the expense required to deliver a… Continue reading Ashley Young Is Quality Street

£6M Bid Made This Evening

For the artist formerly known as Blistering Bob Keane aka Pointy Shouty Bloke aka Pointless Shouty Bloke aka Piltdown Man. By Aston Villa. A football club. The news reaches us courteous of Spurs Odious’ numero somethingo, Roger Morgan. The exact wording was, £6m from Villa, think it’s come in tonight. Let’s bloody well hope so,… Continue reading £6M Bid Made This Evening