Younes Kaboul’s Video Message To The Faithful

Image for Younes Kaboul’s Video Message To The Faithful

I’ll be brief, this is his gig.

YK has had a mixed time of it as a Tottingham, but considering great players do not happen over night, this chap is certainly doing a good impression of a player who could be great or close to it. A young Ledders anyone?

Nice of him to make the effort and certainly more appealing than a generic ‘pushing for top four Hotspur magazine interview.

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  • Smileyspud says:

    He always had potential, and Im pleased that he is getting more comfortable in his boots. The fella has years before he is at his best so he will be a perfect long term replacement for ledders, who from what I saw, lost his legs the other night.

  • AFelching says:

    Good on the Bull, I thought he was sold too soon first time around. :daumen:

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I think he was just naffed orf with set up at the time. mate, he did the old, ‘come an get me plea’ but he crucially wanted to return under Arry. I’ve plenty of time for him.

      Shot like naffin’ cannon, by the :freu way

  • marts2smooth says:

    yeah glad he is back at the Lane, as said above I thought he was a tidy player 1st time around.. sahme Ramos has he favourites!

  • melcyid says:

    it was great the frenchman scored the winner against the frenchmen at the hemmorhoids.legend in the making

  • PAD says:

    Our lot have been out on the piss again…….We’ll lose at Blackpool without a doubt!!!

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