Date: 21st January 2011 at 5:55am
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This was too good to pass up on.

From Football Rumours but judge not lest thee be… err…  a wig and gavel owner. Is it true? Certainly sounds plausible. There was a tale of the Liverpool boy Babel in a helicopter doing the rounds as that window was gearing up to close.

As I recall it, Babel denied the whole thing and as ever the tale was compounded by the addition of Cartoon Cole being hurled into the mixer.

Anyway, here’s what there is…

20 Jan 2011 10:46:48

Posting in here. Comes from the same source that told me about Purslow joining a couple of weeks before he did and also of the H&G takeover before it happened. Everytime he has told me something it’s been spot on.

How got Van Der Vaart.

When VDV#s transfer to Bayern fell through – he was offered to Liverpool first for £8m. We didn’t have the money but Purslow and Hodgson decided to off load anyone they could. West Ham (of all clubs) offered £8m for Babel. We accepted and put him “in that helicopter”. Real Madrid accepted our bid.

In the meantime – got wind of the transfer and offered Liverpool more money for Babel. Babel & Agent were more than happy to go and we accepted the higher bid.

Helicopter heads to Tottenham. Babel lands and is kept waiting for 3 hours for a medical – gets ____ off and leaves.

We don’t have time to get any money together and call VDV’s agent and offer to buy him.

Rest as they say, is history.

Please don’t re-post all over the place.


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