West Ham Launch New Souvenir Range

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In keeping with the leaked news that West Am Football Club (t/a Newham Naughties) are the new squatters tenants at the Olympic Stadium, I am able to exclusively reveal a few souvenir collectibles  currently being manufactured to supply the anticipated demand.

The ultimate in being able to tell the difference between the two teams. Only £399.99 + VAT.

This Collectors item is available for pre-order only. £638.99 + VAT.

The Daddy of leisure wear. Endorsed by DS himself. £899.67 +VAT

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  • bob says:

    My father in law runs a wholesale business selling binoculars, barometers, hunting gear and related instruments. He has already contacted West Ham offering them a knock down rate to supply Opera Glasses to the new stadium. They have arranged to meet him.

  • 10 years from now – West Spam in administration and the recriminations will begin. Wrong decision for all concerned. But hey, we will overcome and all that….and I do love WHL.

    Just worried we will have to move further away now. Surely there must be something worth knocking down around Enfield…..?

    • Anthony In That Number says:

      Would be really ironic if it turned out to be another Dome debacle. If WHAM go down, struggle to fill the place, are left with a permenant athletics track, will they like the Dome run for help to lets say erm…. er.. well…
      a company that runs something like the er, erm, well, Dome … oh yes that would be AEG.

      Ridiculous , sublime and bloody typical of all the half arsed efforts to run anything in this country. Politicians should absolutely NOT be involved in planning, running any kind of leisure/sports arena, they never get it right.

      I have nothing against WHAM, and true WHAM fans deserve better than the current backers and indeed the Iceland experiment that went before, BUT as Alan Sugar said the right decision for the long term financial well being of the OS and indeed athletics in London,should have been SPURS.

      Oh well , move on and hope DL can find a new site or get some serious money in and/or public funding for WHL. Make no bones about it we MUST get a bigger capacity asap. Wish it could be WHL, believe it will be somewhere else but answers on a postcard….??????

    • Ray says:

      Sod Enfield, there’s a hell of a lot worth knocking down in and around the Tottenham area as well that we could perhaps move to. Ideal for me would be Tottenham Hale, just a short distance from WHL, train and tube connections on the doorstep, I wonder if that would be possible.
      Trouble is Levy and the board have already bought up a lot of property around the current ground.
      Anyway, i’m sure we will find somewhere suitable soon that will make everyone connected with Spurs happy. Who knows, Levy may even go back to the NPD scheme with his tail between his legs.

  • rickyvillasluckyundercrackers says:

    Nookie bear, sorry, Alan Sugar said pretty much the same thing on Sky earlier today. Lots of ‘told you so’s’ all round in a few years time.
    Personally I’d napalm Wood Green and start from scratch….it’s the kindest thing to do.

  • david says:

    Hopefully the terms of their agreement will make it impossible for them to remove the running track for years to come.
    Suspect their current board will be long gone, as soon as they can make a few quid on the deal.

    • rickyvillasluckyundercrackers says:

      Absolutely agree. From the moment they set foot in the club the ultmate goal has always been to sell it for a tidy turn. The plan would of been completely rubber-ducked had they not got the Olympic Stadium. Which kind of explains all the bile that come from their spout anytime another potential tenant had the temerity to declare an interest.

    • col says:

      The dildo duo and saggy biddy Brady are only in it for the money and when not if it ends in tears i hope the politicians ,councillors,and athletes and Coe are held to account.You could,nt make this shit up,no wonder they laugh at this country from abroad.A top business plan backed by serious and experienced businessmen and companies is thrown over for a couple of porn barons and not even good ones at that.When the residents of Newham are paying mega council tax because this failed remember your councillors did this to you with your backing.

  • Anthony In That Number says:

    In all this I also feel sorry for Leyton Orient, a great, traditional club which has been completely overlooked in all of the OS nonsense. What happens to them matters a great deal but hardly a mention of them at all in the entire debate.

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