Win A ‘Only 2 Points After 8 Games Shirt’

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Hello there.

In conjunction with my most favouritist t shirt company ever  -namely the good folk at –  I’ve been designing some shirts t0 appeal to you, the discerning punter.

These are the very finest t shirts available in the known world. Football, TV & film, Retro, Funny, Music and  hundreds to chose from. Mens, ladies and kids shirts all in 160g deluxe 30’s ring spun 100% pre-shurunk  cotton. At a price you can actually afford …and that’s before the multi-buy deal kicks in :daumen:

Anyhoo. The latest is a series of memorable football quote shirts which include Bill Nick, Blanchflower, Greavesie, Ossie, Jose, Cloughie, Shankley, Sluralix and naturally the indomitable Arry Redscnapps.

To enter simply Tweet BIOYC! to me @theboyhotspur and I’ll select a winner at random and message you back to ask what shirt you want, what size and the address of the correctional facility you currently reside in.

To have a butchers at them in all their glory simply click on the image below

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