Modders Opens His Heart To Croatian Press

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Good morning again, then.

More from our boy. I have translated via Google as my Croatian is actually weaker than my English if you can imagine quite how feeble that must be.I have in brackets made tweaks that hopefully add to the report being more readable without in anyway attempting to put a spin on things.

So what happened to the 40-minute get-together with the President of the Spurs?

‘I must first say that I am sincerely disappointed with the way President Levy did communicate with me. He was waiting for me [it was a ]cold [and] pretty arrogant performance has given me the knowledge that [he] really do not care what I [said] to him.  It was [the] kind of approach only further convinced that [I wasn’t] wrong in the decision to change the environment.

[I reminded the] President of our gentlemen’s agreement of last summer when we were in Dubrovnik [and] agreed a contract extension with Tottenham. Then I talked openly with Levy that in perspective, if a concrete offer of a large team, then we will consider the offer and negotiate the best solution for all of us. The President then said “OK, we’ll sit and talk.” Now Levy to co-opt, do not want to talk to and he told me in a raunchy way that there is no chance for me to leave Tottenham …
What does this mean a raunchy way?

‘He threatened me, if you do not accept that his club’s stance, then they will send me on a bench or stand, and we talked about the option of other team Tottenham.
‘There is no doubt that Chelsea is interested in my transfer, after they sent a concrete offer from Tottenham which means that I want [to accept]. I know that the new Chelsea coach said he would like to see me in his team. Of course I am flattered [with]  interest in [me] this club that offers what all players dream, [which] is a fight for trophies on all fronts.

‘When [I]first [knew of ] Chelsea’s official offer, I felt that he came [the right] moment.  I talked a long time with his family and to the people whose opinions I hold, I thought, weighed, and finally realized that this [outcome] was best for me and the club.

What if Levy does not let go?

I have not thought about it at all because such a solution [is] definitely not good for anyone. Again, I have already told the President last summer that [should an ]offer as in the case of Chelsea [be made then both parties] should find an agreement on mutual satisfaction. So I hope that you will eventually understand the situation and that we will achieve harmony and disperse in an appropriate manner.

Smacks of naivety on the part of Modders and brinkmanship on the part of Levy & Co.

When people sign contracts they need to read what it is that both parties are agreeing to. I bet you Ledley King’s contract doesn’t say he can use the chairman’s pool.


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  • jiz says:

    Harry whose phone did you tap to find this?

  • DubaiSpur says:

    He signed the contract, he stays. Simple as. Bloody gentleman’s agreement doesn’t mean anything when the contract in question is only ONE year into its duration, when we are finally looking like a possible threat to the established elite, and when the bidding club is a)a Premiership rival, and b)bloody Chelski. So, if I were Levy, forget being ‘cold and heartless’, I’d jump around outside Modders’ Croatian palace at midnight brandishing said contract in the air and yelling ‘Can’t touch this’. Time to take a stand.

  • edspur says:

    I can’t imagine Levy being “raunchy” :)

  • George says:

    But no transfer request. Not about the money, yeah right.

  • Davc says:

    he think’s Levy was just gonna roll over and let him tickle his belly…

    I Think Modric was (and still is) being badly advised about how to get a move after illegal meetings with Abramovic.

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