‘We Are N17’ Have Disbanded

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Good evening, fight fans.

Clarity, common sense and a sense of good will. Never ever achieved any of those goals myself you understand, but I’m passionate about these ideals being pursued. This evening’s blogs are a Win/Win for everyone. Or your price of admission refunded in full.

You are the most important factors in this whole NDP process. After all, you support. You live, you love, you make this football club work.

This whole stadium business has got messy. That was inevitable of course. Factions were bound to appear. The good news is We Are N17 have disbanded.

I received confirmation via a house brick through my caravanette office window earlier this afternoon. The note attached to the brick read:

” We the brick hurlers [outside your gaff] hereby wish to formerly announce that we hate you HH. We hate your mate Levy, we hate all the players, we hate fans that don’t live in N17, we hate the fans who claim to be anyway as ‘true’ or ‘real’ as we are. Chancers.

We hate the very idea that common sense might prevail. We hate the idea of  cogent thought. Our sole ambition is to hate, occasionally pausing to sneer.

That said, even people as crazily belligerent and half witted as us know when the jig is finally up. In light of the utter contempt we have engendered from in the bulk of intelligent supporters who bathe regularly and are not clinically obese we have decided to roll up our bed sheet and naff off. Permanently.

We would appreciate it if you could make it public that we have at last jacked it in and no longer wish to exist as a Luddite gang of unelected bullies spouting unhelpful bile.”

So that’s that. I have another announcement a little later but that sets the scene perfectly.

More soon.

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  • Chirpy says:

    More proof (if it was needed) that so-called ITKs make it up as they go along.

    [Update 244] Mystery – Some Info
    When: 18/07/11
    Where: SC


    It’s been a while, had a lot going on and haven’t had time to get online as much as i’d like… yadi, yadi, yadi…

    Coulibaly – We are not as close as the media and other people are saying, a few other clubs (not sure who) have come in on this one, it’s now down to the player to decide his destination.

    [Cue official club announcement]

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