SSN News Understands… £27M Bid In.

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Good evening.

I’m just looking for perspective. This is because aside from being able to spot  the obvious contempt women can have for me occasionally, I know I’m not psychic.

Nasri & Fabregas for shall we say – ‘illustrative purposes’ – are fat pickings. Little or nothing left on their contracts. Berbatov’s contract had run down.

So how in the name of Allah is a Tottinghams player with the wrong end of 5 years on his contract only worth £27M? Pee off, Roman.

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  • TMWNN says:

    This will go on till the last the day of the transfer window when M***** will go for exactly £37.56m. It’s written in the sand.

    • TMWNN says:

      The £600k is obviously for the foundation.

    • Toddspur says:

      Actually with essien crocked till Xmas chelscunts need to get a replacement in pdfq. This may work in our favour;

      They now know they NEED a player out of necessity so surely with DL digging his heels in they must explore other alternatives……and cheaper ones at that

  • yiddo4ever says:

    i only hope that this pathetic 2nd bid pisses Levy off as much as it pisses us off….27 million for a player we were building our team around and who we paid nearly 17 million for? MAKE A STAND Levy..fuck em. For every stupid bid they put in Levy should add 10% to his market price.

  • david says:

    Reckon he will be gone before the end of this window and I am past caring now.
    We just need to screw whoever buys him ( would not be surprised to see interest from other clubs)for every last penny.
    Reckon we reject this offer and Modric will then make a formal transfer request.

    • ed says:

      I was just watching the review of the 09/10 season. While Modric was out injured, Kranjcar was often brilliant in his place – maybe not so nippy, but great playmaker with a great shot on him and scores more goals than Modric ever will. Sell Modric for $35 million, keep Kranjcar with promise of first team action and then spend the cash on a striker.

  • melcyid says:

    all bids from the chavs should be met with a wall of silence! The greatest put down is to be ignored we have no need to do business with them.

  • melcyid says:

    A word of advice Harold,unless you want to join Salman Rushdie in the fatwah stakes I wouldnt put Allah and the yids in the same sentence.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      It was intentional :daumen: I’m that p*ssed about this nonsense.

    • jme says:

      all together now: allah allah allah yid allah allah allah. allah allah allah yid allah allah yid.

      ahhhhh-yid allah allah watwa allah allah yid yid.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Beat it, you Muslim f*ck ;-)

      • melcyid says:

        yay fatwah on the way yiddo :angel:

        • Cammyspurs says:

          Oi we have Muslim supporters aswell so show some fcking respect. Secondly the dick head that said they would be offended is a knob. There is no issue between hasidic Jews and Muslims …. Fact .. And more importantly what the fuck has this gotta do with football …… hh you’ve gone down in my books knob Ed.

          • Harry Hotspur says:

            In 1996 (I think) I went to see the Arab & The Jew, with Omid Djalili. You would have walked out ten minutes in. It was very very funny.

        • Cammyspurs says:

          A more importantly we are Tottenham , don’t matter where your from , on match day we are one family and stick by each other no matter what………

        • cammyspurs says:

          omid djalili is not funny.. how the hell did he get his own show on the bbc….. any way . back to work .. i suppose

    • . says:

      Allah Mullery?

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