Sandro’s Goal In Glorious Technicolour

Image for Sandro’s Goal In Glorious Technicolour

Good afternoon.

I was in a bustling city centre this morning. I watched a taxi driver get out of his cab on the rank, stand proudly his hands behind his back next to his vehicle where he stood for the minutes silence. Around him far, far too many went about there business; yakking and social networking their utterly worthless piffle into an assortment of hand- held devices.

I would guess by the look of the taxi driver that his lineage wasn’t what our old pals at the BNP would view as¬†wholly indigenous of these shores. Moments like that at provide for folk like me at least, hope.

On an equally upbeat note there is the occasion of Sandro’s first International goal last night. It probably won’t be featured on too many ‘Goal Of The Year’ compilations, but hey…

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