11 O’Clocker: Investec Happier But Fringe Players? Simply Not Good Enough

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Guten Abend.

Well that was the FA Cup then, eh? I’d say that was pretty standard FA Cup fare and no point getting overwrought about not having witnessed anything too fancy. But let’s not fail to recognise a truth tonight.

Arry said we didn’t play well. He was right. It was a dysfunctional performance to put it mildly. Player ratings in the morning. 

Watford had  a good go at it. Quite how a dull outfit achieved so many opportunities is a cause for concern. Yes, they were at home, yes they were used to the heavy pitch. But we failed to achieve any real shape, instigate anything resembling flowing football.  

Jake Livermore squaring up to the linesman with the ball under his arm was embarrassing. Danny Rose is possibly one of the thickest footballers I ‘ve seen this season bar Balotelli. Walker struggled. All be castigated by these nearly men’s relatives and those who have over emotionally invested, but why should I care? It’s not my fault they can’t cope with reality.

Time to stop mucking about with kids and ship in proper number twos. And Pienaar, for the love of God. Give me a break.

The FA Cup is about luck and it is about desire to win. We were lucky, but we didn’t show all that much desire. Arry also said before the game that we were all about getting to Wembley and winning the cup. Was he talking to us or talking to Investec? 

Van der Vaart’s stonker…

Watford 0 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur by motifoot

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  • Bobbles says:

    Hmm, I must have not been paying attention. Granted I was in a busy boozer, watching a Scandinavian satellite channel, but what I saw was Spurs popping it about and enjoying the vast majority of possession. I thought we played a LOT of good football.

    • KevtheRev says:

      II kept having to check the starting line-up over and over to confirm some of the players that were supposed to be out there on the pitch.

  • Bobbles says:

    Dream on loser.

  • Razspur says:

    We have played 10 times better and lost, that was the worst showing all season. What`s the point in putting Pav on for the last minute, VDV and PNB were exhausted at the finish. Was in Barcelona on Weds night and the first half there was almost as bad.
    Harry does not do signatures, he has a rubber stamp and pad, only thing is it looks like a dogs paw print.

    • Bobbles says:

      Fackinel, is it just me then? Ok we couldn’t finish them off (as usual), but on another day we could have had 3 or 4 there, then this would be a whole different vibe!

  • Andy says:

    Livermore had a great game to be fair and danny rose and walker were isolated alot, because of the wandering vdv and modric. Harry got the selection wrong by picking both vdv and modric 1 of these should have been rested.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      Not sure we were watching the same game, but everytime I saw Walker, he was where you’d expect Lennon to be waiting to start his run. Broadway was the worst player on the pitch.

      As a team, we played so badly that under normal circumstances it would have been difficult to single out anybody for additional criticism, but Rose solves that problem. Even when Lennon came on, he just got worse.

      He is definitely not a LB, and I think the next any manager watching us tonight cannot wait for the opportunity to prove that.

  • melcyid says:

    We cannot score from or take corners .We cannot defend or win corners.We cannot score from sustained attacking pressure but what we do better than any other team is score on the beak from deep in our own half. coys

    • Bobbles says:

      No that IS the truth, VDV went to take a corner at one point and I went into a rant about how shit he/we are are them and right on cue he limped it in to the near edge of the 18 yd box and it hit the first man in the knees.


    • Brisbane Spud says:

      Corners major issue. Nvever seen such pathetic attempt. Thing I don’t get is dangerous play from corners / set pieces can be learnt and practised. Look at the ugly teams like Bolton. Over half way through season and no improvement. You would think with the talent we have we would be driving quality balls at pace every time. Noticed against Man city we started playing it short… Needs sorting!!

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