Date:27th January 2012 at 10:49pm
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Guten Abend.

Well that was the FA Cup then, eh? I’d say that was pretty standard FA Cup fare and no point getting overwrought about not having witnessed anything too fancy. But let’s not fail to recognise a truth tonight.

Arry said we didn’t play well. He was right. It was a dysfunctional performance to put it mildly. Player ratings in the morning. 

Watford had  a good go at it. Quite how a dull outfit achieved so many opportunities is a cause for concern. Yes, they were at home, yes they were used to the heavy pitch. But we failed to achieve any real shape, instigate anything resembling flowing football.  

Jake Livermore squaring up to the linesman with the ball under his arm was embarrassing. Danny Rose is possibly one of the thickest footballers I ‘ve seen this season bar Balotelli. Walker struggled. All be castigated by these nearly men’s relatives and those who have over emotionally invested, but why should I care? It’s not my fault they can’t cope with reality.

Time to stop mucking about with kids and ship in proper number twos. And Pienaar, for the love of God. Give me a break.

The FA Cup is about luck and it is about desire to win. We were lucky, but we didn’t show all that much desire. Arry also said before the game that we were all about getting to Wembley and winning the cup. Was he talking to us or talking to Investec? 

Van der Vaart’s stonker…

Watford 0 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur by motifoot