Arry Blew It : Ratings, Home Truths & A Call For Sanity

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Reality bites.

Look I know you can’t win every game. I get that. But at the same time there are simple steps one can take to guard against giving frankly mediocre opposition what can only be called …an even break. And that is what, without possible lucid argument to the contrary is what Wolves got today.

Our corners suck. And that’s me being hugely charitable. Me just getting going... You want to win the Barclays Premier League? Then you need to think about what went wrong. Wolves didn’t simply draw – we failed to win.

 7.432 Easy to have a pop at Goalies. He made at least two saves of some note. Let’s not lose sight of this, eh?

 4.101 Give me a break. Preferably a swift, high speed decapitation. Here we have a chap who quite probably was a damn good 200m runner at school. Fascinating. Clearly he has much to give. Or does he? He’s not skilled enough to execute the current role he has been given. Charged with acting above his pay grade and found guilty. 

 6.765 Just when we thought that his Royal Hoofness had rescinded his backward ways. Let’s not harp on. He’s a stand up guy, but today he looked rustier than his comeback performance. And that is fair comment.

 5.999 Another one. Younes, your attacking runs are completely undermined by their ultimate uselessness. Harsh? Don’t bore me with child like appreciation of his majestic forays, dear reader… they ended in nothingness.

 7.786 Subbed for Danny Rose. Wha? Majoritively, his performances are rather good. What was going on in Redschnapp’s mind? Answers on a postcard. 

 6.564 Physically feeling the strain. Needs a rest but who is there to provide his replacement? No one. So why encourage a knackered player to run forward? 

 6.674 Predictable, borderline dull. Threatened width, but preferred too frequently cut in. Needs to be able to provide a decent cross. Some will speak of ‘pluck’ and ‘effort’ …I wish that mob well. I like achievements. What a vicious task-master I truly am.

 6.444 Borderline rubbish. Guilty of being complacent with his consistently wasteful shots and rapidly wearing out his welcome with this rather self indulgent ‘license to roam’ cobblers. Here’s a tip – you’re brilliant on the left wing – so stick to that. Livermore, Walker and Bale all need managing.

 7.001 Is this chancer remotely intent upon staying in January? I’m unconvinced. Thanks for the goal. love. No really, thank you. Stop looking like it’s ‘not quite up to scratch for you’  you toad and be all you can be. Far too many instances of, ‘what am I to do?’ hand waving. 

 7.000 Not a great day at the office but I’m completely unconvinced that was his fault. You use international play-makers as …play-makers 

 6.079 Unconvinced there is much wrong occurring here. His goal was not offside. He’s intelligent, he’s highly skilled. So it must be the distribution: Please see my comments on Bale & Walker.

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  • melcyid says:

    crowd 9/10

  • Naughty Governor says:

    should have made a double substitution Defoe and Pav in for Ade and Lennon

  • Sidney42 says:

    You so called fans make sick. We’re having a great season and one below performance and all of a sudden the players are slated. Walker has had a fantastic season so far, is young and still learning his trade. BAE was subbed as he was on a yellow and couldn’t risk a red with City away next weekend. Dawson has been out all season and needs games to get back his form. Do I need to go on ? Maybe you should support another team if you don’t appreciate what you have.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      If you want to aim your comment at me then do so. This ‘so called fan’ garbage only makes you look like a rather pretentious idiot/attention seeker

      • Will says:

        Seems that there is only one opinion allowed ? It was an average performance. We look flat, but Harry refuses to rotate, even a little. I’m not saying sweeping changes but make one or two changes every game unless we’re against the top teams. I don’t think you can hammer the players today, they weren’t good, but they certainly dominated a team that came to play negative defensive football.
        The referee had a huge influence on the game today. If he’d got things right, we’d have been 1-0 up at half time. Such is life. He refused to send off Frimpong, which on another day could have happened. Still, hopefully we’ll get the rub of the green at City ( yeah, few petrol dollars will no doubt change hands to make sure we don’t ).

        • DAVSPURS says:

          Well said will energy is a big part of shock results has ten man strikerless Blackburn proved 3-1 One change from wed and he was not fit Parker Taking Lennon off negative Rose for a defender negative Kranjcar Defoe Pav and go for broke.

      • SimYid says:

        He just did Harry. And rather well I thought. YOUR comment makes you seem overly rude/idiot

      • DBsKnees says:

        HH – you are and always have been an over-reactionary fickle piece of work. That direct enough for you?

        You clearly nod your head to the view that we can’t win every game and then proceed to spit your dummy and throw your toys out of the pram by slating players that have had fantastic seasons (Walker, Kaboul) because we didn’t win!

        • SuperSpurs says:

          Good comment, and what exactly did ‘Arry blow? The aim this season has always been to reach a top 4 spot. As far as I can see we are still in it?

          Bloody naysayers squeeze the joy out of everything.

      • jim says:

        you’re right harry, our team sucks and so does our manager, we need to sell them all. How dare they draw this game, a bloody disgrace, ive been reading in the press how we could win the league then we go and do that yesterday.
        We are a shambles and everyone at the club should be ashamed.

        You lot make me sick, if you really believed the hype then shame on you, we were never going to win the title, just be realistic and see we have a good chance at top 4 but even that will be touch and go. Enjoy our over achieving instead of moaning when we only draw. Disgraceful support.

    • essexian76 says:

      Sid, it’s about the game today-the marks are a reflection on their performance today-not Weds or Augst-today-today’s game-that was the game v Wolves played today! is that clear enough?

      • DBsKnees says:

        No essexian76, wrong. HH’s comments are reflection of the player in general, not just this game:

        I quote:

        “He’s not skilled enough to execute the current role he has been given.”

        “your attacking runs are completely undermined by their ultimate uselessness”

        • Jubaspur says:

          Which of these two statements do you disagree with? They seem factual to me. Good players with good stuff to come, doesn’t mean we can’t discuss current weaknesses.

        • essexian76 says:

          So, for example what HH should say ( in his opinion), Dawson was toilet today, but as he played well against whoever on the 5th March 2009, I’ll give a 7? Personally, I never comment on HH’s marks because I’ve got my take on things, and I’ve been watching the game long enough to understand and draw my own conclusions. I’ve sat with same crowd for an eternity, and of the twenty or so of us, I’d doubt if any of agree about anything, whether it’s an individual or team performance, fuck it, we can’t even agree on who we hate more Arsenal- Fat Geordie bastards-Scousers-Manchester or Chelsea, we only agree that we each all hate at least one or all of ’em

    • Smithy08 says:

      I agree whole heartedly… WTF is Bale doing all over the park? Earlier this season he was being hailed as the worlds best left mid… Now he wouldn’t even make a world C team as a free ranging rover! He is being severely wasted and taking up ball that Parker, Modders and VDV should be using. Walker… not convinced. Great engine, good crosses… but just not quite the final product. Adebayor… I dunno? I see old replays of him smacking absolute rockets in against us… pure belters… where are these audacious shots now? Gees we look bereft of goals without him, but I’d love to see some fireworks! Kaboul… calm down son! You’ve got a job to do at the back. I don’t know the solution as it could be one of many… Is it ‘Arry giving these boys license to run free like the superstars in 3rd they are.. or is it the players turning into Billy Big Heads? Either way, this isn’t feedback for just one game. It’s been building for some time now against the lesser teams. Most disappointing for me? Bale. Stop the rubbish shots and get back out left! Oh yeah, our corners and free kicks are less than optimal. Not bagging the boys here… but we never win a strong header.. ever.

    • SpursGhost says:

      Well said Sydney42. Couldn’t have said it better myself!.. We’re becoming spoilt with success.. Can’t stand the thought of our fans becoming the ‘new Arsenal fans’. Seems as though it’s already beginning to happen!

  • girlie3 says:

    I’m sad now :(

  • onedavemackay says:

    There will always be days like these but that does not detract from a great season so far and we were denied victory by two duff refereeing decisions.

    However, I do not understand why Rose was thrown on. He brought nothing to the party and as I’ve already said elsewhere Rose should have retired after HIS goal. The other stupidity was and is this obsession with getting Gareth to roam. This ain’t a hiking holiday in Snowdon. The best way to break down a packed defence is to drag em wide with pace. We have wide pace down both wings so keep them on the flanks.

    • Acton_Yid says:

      BECAUSE ASSOU EKOTTO WAS ON A FRICKIN YELLOW CARD AND WE’VE GOT CITY COMING…ERGO, HE DIDNT WANT TO RISK IT…God, do you actually WATCH football games or do you just do the “shit spouting” after ???

      • Sandra Redknapp says:

        I don’t believe benny was subbed because he was in a yellow. He didn’t look like he was in the mood for a second yellow. I think Harry wanted to give Rose a run out as he will be covering when benny goes to African nations cup. That’s what he told me over a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea anyway.

        • TomSpurs says:

          Benny ain’t going to the Africa Nations Cup, Cameroon didn’t qualify. No-one else in our squad is either, as far as I know.

      • essexian76 says:

        Before shouting try researching Benny’s own tweet as he mentioned his ankles hurting like hell, an injury was why nothing to do with a yellow card!

    • DAVSPURS says:

      Hudds will sort these packed over-energized super defending out soooooooooooooonnnnnnn.

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