Everything Hinges On Modric

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Good afternoon.

First item of business has to be a big well done to BMJ for a last minute winner against the lonely mob from Woolwich.They rarely register on my radar, but the spectacle they made of themselves last night deserves a special mention. The must all had emanated from the same petri dish, surely?

They’re playing Fulham (badly) and are singing songs about us and that time expired handball queen Terry Henry. Then they get beat. You couldn’t make it up. 

Elsewhere the Villa were well and truly shat on by the Swansea; 0-2 indoors. 3MP bojangled a brace in at Blackburn, Norwich firmly stamped a question mark over Neil Warnock as they won at Loftus Road and Cheatski snatched 3 points at Molineux.

So the Baggies tonight then. Let me blind you with some science. Their away record is better than their home one. By some way. They’ve played 9 games away. Won 4, drawn 2 and lost the other two other games that were then played. By them. Away from home.

Aside from the fact anyone’s mood must improve driving out the midlands, I think it’s as much to do with their support geting stuck in. These things count. I bet if Blackburn had beaten Manchester United at Ewood Park there’d still have been Kean Out flags being waved. 

Looking at where their goals came from – of course, like most sides the answer is – inside the penalty area. But 17% of the Baggies’ net bursters came from ‘the right channel’ according to our friends at EA Sports. So if any of our coaching staff see this gem of information. Sort it out!

Looking at how we can make a difference you don’t need an MA in Looking At Things. Our defenders need to keep it tight, no mucking about playing at wing-backs and Luka Modric needs to dominate the game. His vision, tenacity and sheer quality is what is required in order we distinguish ourselves from what are an out and out second rate side.

Prediction? We’ll win by a single goal. That’s an awful way to carry on, I know. But as much as I would like to say we’ll give them a walloping of all times – that’s ambitious. 

I’m having a bit of Raging Kaboul at 6/1  – Anytime Goalscorer – with our friends at Boylesports.

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  • Hazard's Bandaid says:

    I am shamly catting myself.

  • Onlyme says:

    “They’ve played 9 way. Won 4, drawn 2 and lost the other two.”

    4+2+2 = 8 Doh!! :finn: :whistle:

  • mikey says:

    I am calmly shatting myself.

  • Cptcaveman says:

    OMG Harry, what is the vid above?? Is this something I have missed or does Modders really have a twin?? Perhaps we can do a London Bridge and sell him to Chealsea (i know they aint Americans but you get the point), cough, I know we said we weren’t selling at any price but we’ve had a change of heart…tell you what, direct swap for Torres!!

    • Cptcaveman says:

      No worries… Just watched the advert… Doh!….. There go my dreams of selling his twin instead.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        It’s a shocking piece of trickery and I apologise in advance for any potentially expensive medical conditions it might trigger, for which I hereby swerve all liability.

  • matt says:

    I have this new feeling, first time in my life, its a feeling that games matter. Hugely. Im not used to this.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Agreed. This ‘supporting’ lark ought to come with an aftercare plan. That’s all I’m saying.

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