Date: 30th January 2012 at 6:10pm
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Good evening Streetfighters.

Edmund Honda here.  Whoever told me that marinated lamb ribs and aren’t fattening will soon be in receipt of a rather stiff letter. I digress. 

This just in from am eagle eyed reader CoPierTonEr which frankly scans like a made up name if you ask me.

The waters have broken and have delivered their first born into this transfer window’s done cot.

His name? Joey James Iversen.

The catch? Well he’s 6 years old. Full dreadful story HERE But ‘Mom’ Anna Iversen has high hopes. In fact she is hopeful he can progress into our Acadamy (which I thought we had disbanded) as he is, ‘a natural striker’.

She continued, ‘When playing with peers, boys, do not get the second loan the ball. His team win 5-0, and he scored all the goals. Therefore, he plays mostly with older boys. Joey is high for his age, and muscular. He’s a football player’s physique, and the same powerful legs that her father, she grins.’

I feel unwell.  Anyone got any donuts?