HMRC’s Pound Of Flesh: Aftershocks In The Boardroom, That Sort Of Thing

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Good morning.

Did you know that questionnaires have also been sent to 24 clubs asking for information regarding free holidays, luxury homes and other gifts? 

The investigation is being carried out by HMRC’s High Net Worth Unit, which was specially created to target individuals worth in excess of £20million.

If the answers to the questionnaires are not satisfactory, then a full-scale investigation could soon follow.

Presumably common examples of  benefits/expenses for professional footballers include company cars, platinum toilet roll holders, health insurance, diamond encrusted  mobile phones, travel, various entertainment expenses including £27,000 bar bills, Luis Vuitton toenail clippers, that sort of thing.

This only adds weight to the notion that HMRC are making a concerted effort to make someone, anyone from the world of football a high profile coup.

Speaking of high profile coups, Tony Fernandes’ decision to bin Neil Warnock may be causing aftershocks in the boardroom at The Lane. As run on here at least twice in recent months, Mark Hughes is/was being held in a holding pattern to step in should Arry become ‘unavailable’ *cough, cough* to carry out his duties.

Hughes’ face this morning is plastered everywhere in relation to the brand new vacancy. Which poses a …poser now as what we ought to do should he accept. 

Whoever takes over at QPR wants there head looking at anyway. Pitiful gate receipts and a Chairman with delusions of grandeur. Nice combo.

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  • Sid Trotter says:


    I believe Tony Fernandez second album was better than his first “I am a CNUT”

  • Smog says:

    If he accepts we ought to be delighted. Hughes would be a disaster for us and undermine all the progress we have made.

    We’ve got the squad and the potential to attract a much bigger fish. Hughes did well at Blackburn on limited resources, did nothing at Citeh on huge resources and made a berk of himself at Fulham. No thanks.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Not sure about that. Nobody is going to achieve diddly at Fulham. No gate receipts = mediocre squad. Blackburn at the time still had players who could rustle up half a game if you asked them nicely.

      And at City his record was identical to that of Bobby Manc’s for a good while until the inevitable pouring in of more money occurred and of course the players got to know each other’s first names.

      • Smog says:

        It was the manner of his exit that was poor at Fulham, he knew the score before he joined, it shouldnt have been any surprise to him that resources were tight.

        I also remember a game at the lane against city where he played Robinho on the left, we slaughtered them 3-0 – think it sealed his fate to be honest – that was tactically naive to say the least.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      Agree with HH except that I would say I am not that impressed with Mancini either bearing in mind the resources he has been given.

      At the beginning of the season, I saw a huge gulf between us and the Mancs, but as the season has gone on, I really do believe that they are not that much better than us.

      I’ve said before that I am not convinced that HR is the real deal, but compared to Mancini, the man is a genius at developing team spirit.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        I’d say Mancini is the most under exposed manager on the planet. It took him an entire season to stop playing Serie A style football. I’m completely unconvinced he’s any good.

    • Oh Danny Boy says:

      Agree with Smog. I do not see Mark Hughes as the man we need when the time comes. I was hoping Ancelotti had been offered the job behind closed doors, and was just kicking back and waiting it out. Harry is by no means a tatical genius, but whatever you think about the man, there seems to be a very good team spirit amongst the players. I’m not saying Hughes is crap – I just don’t see him having the personality to carry on what we’ve developed. It’s not the first time he has been linked with us though, so i do fear some truth in this.

  • Will says:

    That get rid of Ancelottie (a pity) & Hughes(thank god)…only leaves Moyes to terrify us.

    • nipper says:

      Or The Special One…………..

    • SpurredoninDublin says:


      I was just thinking that it wasn’t that long ago that we were divided into two camps over MON. Since he went to Sunderland, they are currently the form team in the league with 13 from 18 points over the last six games.

      If anybody is interested, you can get 33/1 with Stan James and Skybet if you fancy they might sneak into the top 6. Of course, another season without European football would probably merit a P.45 for King Kenny.

      • UnkleKev says:

        Re: O’Neill — new manager syndrome. Expect normal service to be resumed shortly.

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          You are probably right, but not all managers get the gift of “new manager syndrome”, and sometimes, all it needs is a new manager if the team was good enough in the first place (e.g. HR).

  • Will says:

    You are joking Harry!!
    And an exMU ***t to boot…No way!!
    Even Moyes makes Hughes look good and he has never had a penny to spend.

  • pedrowozwobbed says:

    I sincereley hope Hughes takes the QPR bait – strikes me as a moody, shout a lot, piss good players off type manager in the mould of Paul Ince.

    O’Neil or Martinez would do a job but I expect we will end with some big ticket foreign johnny

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