Date: 23rd January 2012 at 1:42pm
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Seconds away, Round Two.

I have successfully predicted the future on two previous occasions. The first was that you could get porn films on mobile phones. The was you’d be able to buy beer from a petrol station.

So here’s the third prediction. Referees will have their names on the back of their shirts. Another game over and we find ourselves whining about these clowns…

The problem is no longer that they can’t see everything, they are actually more interested now in being a component of the game than getting it right. In fact they know in their heart of hearts that they can’t possibly get it right, so they may as well just focus on becoming stars themselves.

The elbow by Julie Lescott and the stamp by Ballotelli were as obvious as they were nasty as they were intentional and so football needs to do the right thing and remove the responsibility from the increasingly vain and increasingly …useless men in black.

I’ve blogged separately on the boy Bale here.

The ratings then…

 8.oo6 I wonder if you all realize just how important he was yesterday. 

 5.234 Is he a good defender? On his day he’s a crackerjack one. Is he a good wing back? Not so much. So let’s deploy Benny in the right manner, eh?

 8.976 He was pretty immense. One of his toughest tests to date and he more or less passed with flying colours. Tough and mean and man of the match.

 7.030 A largely impressive performance aside from a moment of complete and utter stupidity. Oh well. I guess that’s why they call it ‘human error’.

  7.030 Nasri’s goal wasn’t his fault, but it was  a situation he could have done better in. I’m just really keen on defenders defending and he appears distracted.

  7.404 Didn’t do much, was this anything to do with the fact that he was battling with Walker for the wing? Defensively he offered more than Bale, but needs to actually achieve more with his possession.

  7.566 Didn’t pull the strings enough, perhaps this was as he was one of the few trying to be disciplined. 

 7. 566 A businesslike performance for which he was rewarded with a partial concussion. A big well done to Webb and the girls.

 7. 999 Magnificent goal. Magnificently stupid tactics. More here.

 6.654 Had a really tough time of it and ought to have been replaced sooner. He appeared not to be included in Bale’s master plan or Arry’s. 

 7. 623 A sensational finish, in a game when he got worse service than a diner at a Fawlty Towers Gourmet Night.

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