Saha! Defoe To Liverpool, No One Hates Pav More Than Stupid People

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Welcome to a nitrous oxide fuelled edition of HH.

Let’s get one thing straight. Arry’s court case and the wholesale absence of ‘ITK’ points squarely towards one of two things. 

So to Saha then. Where this has come from is anyone’s guess. Let’s hope we never see this donkey in the Lilywhite shirt. Ever.

Pav is rumoured with a Sunderland move. My view is this is wishful thinking by many but the chances of Martin O’Neil warming to a chap as un-workmanlike as the crazy Russian is highly unlikely.

Defoe to Liverpool is trending on Twitter. My biggest regret in life has been usurped. I now wish I had been able to charge everyone Tweeting this £1. 

The Defoe rumour is worthless of course, but the Rodallega rumour is 100% agent talk. Which is a pity as with a gun against my head I’d prefer him to Saha.

You know when a transfer window is on its uppers. Phil Brown rocks up on SSN looking like a supply teacher who was busted for something minor, yet awful.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    First among nearly equals

    Saha Sagood – I like him – sorry I meant I like Soho. Different type of Sofa

    Defoe to wherever – nah

    Pav to wherever – nah

    Verucca to another Germ – yeah

  • Chris says:

    please please please not saha! we might as well have signed keane back if we wanted an over the hill player

  • david says:

    Are we bringing in another RB, now Charlie has gone ? Livermore is not one and Kaboul is needed at CB.

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Asked the same on the last thread, but does anyone knwo if we are at liberty to recall Naughton if need be?

      • Essexian76 says:

        A season’s loan is a season’s loan, but as I understand it both he and Caulker cannot play in the FA cup ties without permission, so I guess there’s a caveat about a recall under exceptional circumstances?

  • Binzi says:

    The way I understood it, Redknapp wanted Levy to get Zaha from Palace, but his spelling was so bad we ended up with the 90 yr old donkey from Everton.

  • matt says:

    Scot Parker looks like a creeper from minecraft.

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