Date: 9th January 2012 at 9:33pm
Written by:

Good evening.

His royal highness, FartTomb Of The Lane has staked his full reputation upon this threat of the Chapeltown Tiger aka heading to Spain not occuring. 

Say wha ? Well word was in that Azza had let this slip this ‘fact’ whilst in the company of a lady. Having obviously decided to forgo the, ‘how I’m not actually that short’ and the, ‘how I’m really fascinating’ weren’t avenues worth going down the ‘I’m in demand’ line was eventually favoured.

And this actually raises a  question. Would you actually  sell off ?

I would. And I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Am I mad? Well, I strongly uphold the view that if Sid Trotter™ leaves this blog it’ll be the equivalent of the ravens leaving the Tower of London. So technically, yes I am.

Azza’s never been truly consistent – and for all his great moments, how often does he get injured and then take for b l e e d i n‘ ever to mount a comeback? We’re on the brink of greatness and it’s time we genuinely kicked on. And that means sacrifices or as I prefer to call them, ‘improvements’.

If he’s so big time, then why haven’t any genuine big time offers ever come in for him? I think that answers the question.

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