The 10 O’Clocker: Azza Blud Will NOT Be Joining Malaga, It’s Official!

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Good evening.

His royal highness, FartTomb Of The Lane has staked his full reputation upon this threat of the Chapeltown Tiger aka Azza Blud heading to Spain not occuring. 

Say wha ? Well word was in that Azza had let this slip this ‘fact’ whilst in the company of a lady. Having obviously decided to forgo the, ‘how I’m not actually that short’ and the, ‘how I’m really fascinating’ weren’t avenues worth going down the ‘I’m in demand’ line was eventually favoured.

And this actually raises a  question. Would you actually  sell off Lennon?

I would. And I wouldn’t think twice about it.

Am I mad? Well, I strongly uphold the view that if Sid Trotter™ leaves this blog it’ll be the equivalent of the ravens leaving the Tower of London. So technically, yes I am.

Azza’s never been truly consistent – and for all his great moments, how often does he get injured and then take for b l e e d i n‘ ever to mount a comeback? We’re on the brink of greatness and it’s time we genuinely kicked on. And that means sacrifices or as I prefer to call them, ‘improvements’.

If he’s so big time, then why haven’t any genuine big time offers ever come in for him? I think that answers the question.

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  • Hakushaotoko says:

    No way. Get the medical staff out, not Lennon!

  • Hartley says:

    I’ve been saying it for years m’lord…get rid and get someone consistent in…or simply push Walker up

  • Tony says:

    Leave Azza alone, we’ve looked unbalanced in his absence, he adds to our aura as the paciest team in the Premiership, and scares most full backs shitless. Two years ago he had the highest assist rate in the Prem (per minute), and had contributed more assists than ANY player in the Champions League last year at the time we got knocked out. Leave him alone!

    • Joey says:

      Someone with a bit of sense

    • Matt says:


    • DAVSPURS says:


    • Toddspur says:

      Me hearing ya Tone

      What a load of tripe mr H; honestly you’ll be suggesting we sell walker next.…DOH?!

    • ollyparklane says:

      What Tony said… I normally braodly agree with you H but not this time. I love Azza Blud and when on form, there are few better sights in world football. Of course, I am biased.’Imagine there’s no Lennon, running down the wing, onto a pass from, our skipper Ledly King… Imagine all the yiddos, willing him to win… oo-oo, you may say I love Tottenham, But I’m not the only one’ Been trying to start this for years in the Park Lane, still on my own!!

  • ChrisD says:

    By that reckoning the fact that no one ever bid for Paul Scholes or Jamie Carragher makes them shit players.

  • Matt says:

    Someone could have offered us £20m every transfer window as far as we know. He’s not perfect, but he’s still great. His game is more developed now, able to tuck inside more effectively and play wide left also. It will cost more than £30m to get a player better than him and in that situation I doubt we could afford the wages. He was in great form before his injury. In fact, whenever he’s had a run of games over the last 3 years at full fitness he’s always been on fire. He had a period of “bad form” not too long ago, but it seemed he had something wrong with his, as if he wasn’t fully over his previous injury. It always shows when he’s missing from the team, we are just not the same. We’ve tried to replace him the next big thing on a few occasions (Bentley / GDS, etc) yet he always shows he’s a different class to people brought in to improve on him. I think his recent form and his lightning assist for the winner against A.C. Milan mean he should have earnt the right for at least a squad place. Now show me someone better who we stand a chance of signing and maybe we can talk. Until then, Azza’s still the man and he still make’s me think somethings gonna happen every time he runs with the ball.

    • SpursGhost says:

      Fookin inspirational speech Squire… tear to me eye stuff. I whole heatedly echo those thoughts & sentiments.. blinding response!

    • SpursGhost says:

      Blooming inspirational speech Squire… tear to me eye stuff. I whole heatedly echo those thoughts & sentiments.. blinding response!

    • Hartley says:

      He also makes me think that something’s gonna happen every time he runs with the ball, but after 7 years of watching him it’s more surprise than expectation when it actually does….

      • Matt says:

        The fact is that there are very few out there who are better suited to the tottenham style who can play as an out and out winger. I can only think of Nani who offers more. In terms of directness and pure pace there’s only one better, and we’ve already got him.

    • Frontwheel 2 says:

      Liverpool only went for Downing after a failed attempt to get Lennon,I think,or have I just made that up

    • ollyparklane says:


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