Date: 2nd January 2012 at 9:35pm
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Good evening.

This must be the inertia before the guano storm, I guess.

The name of Leandro Dimebar rears it’s … er name once more. Triffic. I am staggered that a (yet again vocal minority) keep banging on about him like he’s some class of panacea.

Grow up. Dime bar ‘fans’ what do you actually know about him? Or are you too busy scweaming for a change? Any change. Just something different? 

His path has largely been one of struggle and a prolonged battle to prove wrong his many doubters. 

Damiao tore through the lower league defences with such regularity that sure enough the bigger clubs started to take note.

Whether the Brazilian youngster can adapt to the harsh, demanding climes of the is a legitimate doubt

Sabotage Times do lots of things right as a matter of course …and the great quotes above are from them.