Date: 18th January 2012 at 9:39pm
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A continental feel to this evening’s offerings/floor sweepings from a transfer window so insipid looking thus far you could put it in an off the peg suit and call  it a Labour MP.

Gregory van der Wiel’s name is also in the frame courtesy of  Tuttermercatoweb who don’t say much which is a tactic I might learn from, but what they do say smacks a little too much of our good name being dragged into a wage enhancing fight. Valencia are keen, certainly keen enough to have already bid. But their £8m bid was rejected about a week ago.

Croatian Eduard Husinec has joined us via on a trial The Independent and I call already hear the happy clappers wanting to see this 17yr old come on against City and score the winner with a full nelson triple half pike bicycle kick. 

’s name pops up on this wretched Euro Radar I bought in an equally wretched Pound Shop this morning. Voetbal Primeur say that both us and the Woolwich Wanderers are interested in this chap. The news from the Dutch ends with a salutary warning that the President of Brescia would be expecting at least €5m put in his bin in return for the 21 midfielder. He might be worth about a fifth of that.