The 11 O’Clocker: Sandro & Gallas Out, Krankie Off To QPR?

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Guten Abend,

Hotspur’s Half Hour is rapidly developing all the salient characteristics of a male porn star. Unlike others in appearance, not really in it for the money and taking the devil’s own time to arrive.

When you hear our Roman Pavyluchenko Remix of Hotel California you may begin to appreciate precisely what we have been up against in terms of delivering a show that no one in their right mind would attempt. 

Arry ‘eld a presser this morning and the word is that Sandro & Gallas will not feature against City. Ledders has yet to take a test (I would imagine that was probably done late this afternoon) and he, ‘wouldn’t rule him out.’

On an upbeat note, the Modric/PNB pairing should be in place and that’s no bad way to approach proceedings. 

Our friends across the ocean TutterMercatoWeb believe that Krankie could be QPR bound for as little as £3M . Let’s hope whoever buys him doesn’t mind too much if he gets the old meat sweats up after only some light jogging. 

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  • MitchellThomas says:

    Ah me oh my Harry. Meat sweats indeed. Reminds me of a rum old Christmas with the in-laws a few years back. Meat sweats AND cheese sweats. Nasty business. Thought the old ticker was about to give a last refrain of Goodnight Vienna.
    Does Krankie think the shit beard covers his chins or what? Come the facky on you lillywhites

    • MitchellThomas says:

      By the way if ledders is fit then Daws and his 60 yard diagonal hoofs can fuck off to the bench. In a nice way.

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Krankie to QPR makes no sense. For one thing, he’ll be part of our glorious Cup run, and secondly, he’ll be one of Arry’s ‘bare bones’ come April.
    I’ve written ‘come April’ in response to an article about porn stars. Cue puns.

  • melcyid says:

    My self esteem has taken a right beating lately,Im good at cross words but your games/quizzes have me flummoxed.
    Please could you release a compendium for next christmas.

  • Spurfectionist says:

    The Nilmar Honorato da Silva link seems to be gathering momentum…..anyone got anything concrete (apart from blocks)?

    • melcyid says:


      • Harry Hotspur says:


        for extensive quotes please contact Mr O’Reilly directly on Torquay 219666

        • Mr O'Reilly says:

          Tap’o da marnin,is dat yerself Hotspur? To be sure an all, OI’ll not be taken on any mer concrete wurk fer da toim being.
          OI’m after taken da missus fer a grand trip on a airyplaen so OI am to da Lourdes and please God.
          Jesus, Mary an Joseph man, will ye not be puttin me number up, fer the love of God. Yer after gettin me in trouble so yar.

        • melcyid says:

          fawt so o’malley and o’reilly one and the same ,to be sure.

      • melcyid says:

        is that you o’malley ,pretending again?

        • Martin O'Malley says:

          :whistle: :winke:

        • Spurfectionist says:

          Was in the neighbours Capital last year for a weeee while as they say (stag party) and they are quiet the pleasant folk, their politicians enjoy a good knees up hence the state of their country, tried to get over there for the Spurs match but work tied me up…I am sure I will try to visit again, might even get a few quotes to use on the site here, seems you have picked up a few Harold me old cock. :lol: :lol:

  • Spurfectionist says:

    Did you think that up all yourself or did you google it :lol:

    • melcyid says:

      Unfortunately Im a builder and have loads of building words lodged in my brain and your question just started me off.Had to stop myself though and give some others a go.

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