Date: 1st February 2012 at 12:44pm
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Good afternoon.

You’d think all being part of the same tribe, that Tottingham fans as kindred spirits would be all get on famously. This is the supposition of a child. The idea you put ‘x’ number of people in a room who all like cheese then making the bizarreĀ assertion that they will share other commonalities.

I spell this out before I am accused of an irrational contempt for those some would call, ‘fellow fans’. Fans yes, but the idea that the common love of Spurs is some sort of mystical egg capable of binding people who are total strangers is farcical.

So that’s the perspective I give you in order to understand my utter boredom with the behaviour of too many home fans.

It seems that the pretty insufferable arrogance has increased the better we’ve played. Watching the game last night from home (‘cos you ain’t a proper fan are u aitch?’) it was evident that the first goal was in some quarters, ‘owed’, the second ‘due’ and from then on in the team were largely a bunch of wasters for failing to bury Martinez’ gang in an avalanche of goals.

So what’s my beef then? Wanting to win by a cricket score? No, believe it or don’t I can cope with that. It’s the sneering, swearing and snarling at the lads who are by and large playing some of our most exceptional football I’ve witnessed in my lifetime that grates.

playing total football. looking like a demi god, PNB looking like the sort of chap had he been in the trenches – the Great War would have been over in about three quarters of an hour. But still the know it alls groan.

Internet for whining, going to games for cheering. Hardly complex, is it?

Forget head cams on stewards. I’d take it one step further. Identify the loud mouth know it alls who behave as if they own the place and I’d serve temporary bans them. What’s the charge? Oh I don’t know, being dull in a built up area, wasting a seat that someone who wanted to be there would have been grateful of?

Anyone who has been to away games knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve had reason to make contact with a good number of overseas supporters of late. Christ, I’m still working through the pile and my apologies if we haven’t spoken yet, we absolutely will. But I tell you this. There are not only some extremely likable but perhaps even exceptional folk out there whos passion and appreciation is so refreshing it leaves me buoyed beyond belief.

So viva the redevelopment of The Lane. A cheer for the bulldozers and a chinking of glasses to celebrate the marginalisation of these anti fans wasting tickets and wasting our time. Watching great football is a privilege not debt that suddenly owe you once you buy a ticket from them. If you can’t cope with that, please give your ticket up to someone who can.