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Good afternoon.

You’d think all being part of the same tribe, that Tottingham fans as kindred spirits would be all get on famously. This is the supposition of a naive child. The idea you put ‘x’ number of people in a room who all like cheese then making the bizarreĀ assertion that they will share other commonalities.

I spell this out before I am accused of an irrational contempt for those some would call, ‘fellow fans’. Fans yes, but the idea that the common love of Spurs is some sort of mystical egg capable of binding people who are total strangers is farcical.

So that’s the perspective I give you in order to understand my utter boredom with the behaviour of too many home fans.

It seems that the pretty insufferable arrogance has increased the better we’ve played. Watching the game last night from home (‘cos you ain’t a proper fan are u aitch?’) it was evident that the first goal was in some quarters, ‘owed’, the second ‘due’ and from then on in the team were largely a bunch of wasters for failing to bury Martinez’ gang in an avalanche of goals.

So what’s my beef then? Wanting to win by a cricket score? No, believe it or don’t I can cope with that. It’s the sneering, swearing and snarling at the lads who are by and large playing some of our most exceptional football I’ve witnessed in my lifetime that grates.

Modric playing total football. Bale looking like a demi god, PNB looking like the sort of chap had he been in the trenches – the Great War would have been over in about three quarters of an hour. But still the know it alls groan.

Internet for whining, going to games for cheering. Hardly complex, is it?

Forget head cams on stewards. I’d take it one step further. Identify the loud mouth know it alls who behave as if they own the place and I’d serve temporary bans them. What’s the charge? Oh I don’t know, being dull in a built up area, wasting a seat that someone who wanted to be there would have been grateful of?

Anyone who has been to away games knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve had reason to make contact with a good number of overseas supporters of late. Christ, I’m still working through the pile and my apologies if we haven’t spoken yet, we absolutely will. But I tell you this. There are not only some extremely likable but perhaps even exceptional folk out there whos passion and appreciation is so refreshing it leaves me buoyed beyond belief.

So viva the redevelopment of The Lane. A cheer for the bulldozers and a chinking of glasses to celebrate the marginalisation of these anti fans wasting tickets and wasting our time. Watching great football is a privilege not debt that THFC suddenly owe you once you buy a ticket from them. If you can’t cope with that, please give your ticket up to someone who can.

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  • melcyid says:

    It has always been like that at the lane except European Wednesday nights.

    • YidoTilliDie says:

      What are you both talking about?!? The atmosphere has at times admittedly been a little flat this season, owing to greater expectation but last night I thought it was superb.

      The support for ‘Arry was actually deafening and made it into all the newspaper reports. It was a freezing cold night yet after every break in play the fans would sing individual chants to the players (all of which were acknowledged and appreciated). There was even some decent banter with the 12 or so Wigan fans who made it.

      This isn’t Real Madrid, it’s Wigan. They were awful and we expected to beat them. We weren’t all foaming and screaming support like rabid dogs but the atmosphere was positive and relaxed. Even when we went a goal down there was good support. The only ‘aggro’ was from a desire for us to push forward more and stop passing it along the back line. We played some phenomenal football last night and you cant blame the fans for wanting to see more of it.

      ‘He’ll pay when he wants, he’ll pay when he waaaaants, Harry Redknapp, he’ll pay when he wants’

      • YidoTilliDie says:

        Interesting picture randomly attached to my profile. Mrs Hotspur by any chance?

        • Caesar says:

          Your right fella atmosphere was good last night. Kinda see what hh is on about regarding expecting the goals but that didn’t translate into a poor atmosphere by any means.

          HH has run a couple of posts claiming this now and I can’t really see (or hear) why.

      • Gazza's Knee says:

        Spot on, from what I heard everyone was behind the team and to be fair we did go a bit flat early second half but soon picked it up. Everyone was cheering the players and as you mention Redknapp got a rousing backing.
        I find it remarkable for someone to base a thread on a blog about something they really have no knowledge of as they were not there.
        What HH is saying is real fans stay at home and pick holes out of a decent performance,blame the crowd for ????? (your guess is as good as mine) and the plastic fans sit/stand in the stands week in week out. What utter crap!

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          What HH is saying is written above. Stick to speaking for yourself, dear.

          The new stadium will thankfully dilute the frequently snide and arrogant minority that kill the atmosphere probably – as they do just about everywhere they go. It’ll be a place to celebrate football and not to lurk about brabing everyone as ‘sh*t’.

          Happy days.

  • Jim says:

    spot on H, far too many championship manager ‘experts’ who have read way too many headlines. Realism isn’t a word they know the meaning of.

  • ddd says:

    Pseudo-hereditary tickets don’t help either…I’m not going next season, but I’ll keep it in my name and sub it to my friend/relative/dogsdadsowner, who decides after a season to sub it to their friend/relative/catsmumsowner, etc. This stops people getting the tickets who actually really want to be there week after week.

    Season tickets should be for the holder (picture on ticket?), or if they can’t go, the seat becomes available for sale. More of a season seat reservation with sale or return :)

    • KayBee says:

      I’d object strongly to that, as it would cease my run of free games! :shocked2:

    • John White says:

      Season Tickets are already non-transferable, so anyone caught doing what you apparently plan to runs the risk of losing their ticket if caught. Suggesting that extra precautions should be taken by the Club to stop you doing what you plan to, smacks of hypocrisy. However, if, when you refer to I, and my, you actually mean someone else, then you appear to have psychological problems. You also appear to think that the person or persons to whom the tickets are subbed, are prepared to pay money for something they don’t want to use, which doesn’t make sense, any more than the idea of buying a season ticket and allowing others to use it regularly for free makes sense. If, however , you are merely saying that when someone no longer needs his or her season ticket, they should return it to the Club, then I agree with you. That way those higher up the queue get the offer of the season tickets first, which is as it should be. First come first served.

      • Essexian76 says:

        In reality John, I know many people who own three or four season tickets and of our regular crowd of 20 there are always and often many ‘new’ faces, who attend in absentia. These tickets are handed down and have been for generations. You know it, I know it and the club know it….and I’ve done it myself, what ticket holder hasn’t?

  • KayBee says:

    I’m all posh, like, innit. And, as such, I sit in the West Upper. There’s a bloke sits near me that enjoys judicious (not to mention stentorian) usage of the C word all through a match, aimed at any of our players that don’t meet his lofty ideals.

    Never been so much as approached by a steward. Least, not while I’ve been around. Can’t work it out.

    The c***.

    • Essexian76 says:

      Since frequenting your superb site, I have been told that my view of being supportive of the club and it’s intentions would be better served on other sites such as the official Spurs site.why?, simply because I don’t snipe at anything deemed to be ‘establishment’ or despite my own views and personal dislike of HR, I can actually see and approve what he’s done for the team. Or is it because I don’t have a fixation of his or Modric’s facial features? All I know is my passion for the club has never wavered and I’ll continue to be supportive of it regardless of where it is in the league or even where about it plays it’s football!. If I were sat alongside a ‘fan’ who continually bitched and berated the club as many on here do, I really don’t think my temper would hold out for very long to be honest. We’re in the best shape and playing the best football I’ve witnessed for an awfully long time, and yet you’d think we were in the same boat as Wolves. If it lasts..great, if it doesn’t so what, been there, still here, so nothing new tomorrows Thursday and I’ll still be a Yiddo!

      • Razspur says:

        Now Sir Ian would you actually admonish the tattooed gent screaming obsceneties at BAE or would you join with him ? Methinks a few shandies and you`d be best buddies and when VDV scores it

        • Essexian76 says:

          Well, last night Benny was being Benny-and dammit I admit, I gave my loudest tut-ever!

        • Razspur says:

          Was that a foul mouthed tut ? When Benny turns sideways as the player attempts to cross a ball it`s always risky but he continues to do it. Like the guy but he needs to stop that and get a haircut. Just Saying.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Raz, I just lurve the guy, warts,afro an’ all, he’s a mental case right enough and does some strange things an’shit, but would I change him, nah, does he drive me crazy?-of course!

        • Razspur says:

          Yes he`s magic but a liability at times. How many shirts do you see with Benito Assou-Ekotto on them, i`ve only ever seen 3.

  • chris says:

    I have to admit I’m guilty of some of the comments above but for good reason I believe. I happen to go to both home and away games and have done for many years so I know what it was like when we were ‘not so good shall we say’. I applaud when we are great and admit that I moan a bit when we’re not. The reason for this is that I truly believe that we are good enough to win the title but we have no right to just turn up, dilly dally and roll over anyone that shows up. Anyone who goes will know what I mean, lately we’ve become quite ‘cocky’ which I dont like. Show respect, be professional and give it your best shot because we may never get this chance again. Oh and by the way, I’d love to meet this ‘saint’ of a fan who spends all game cheering, clapping, praising everyone all game every game. I’m pretty sure that person does not exist!

    • Razspur says:

      HH has been known to stir the pot on this one, go to a few games before criticising the true supporters who pay big money to watch their beloved club. Anyone can criticise but it does not make them better just pathetic. Supporters support financially, others just talk.

      • Essexian76 says:

        It doe’s pee me off when some moan about not getting a decent web link (oversea’s supporters not included in this rant)and purport to be ‘supporting’ the club, when many of us who actually pay for the privilege to attend games have a fuck off great big pole blocking our view and who donate their time and effort, yet are perceived to be ‘superior’, surely they’re the one’s who’ve earn t the right to moan, yet seemingly they’re the one’s that moan the least!!!!!

        • Razspur says:

          You can please some of the people some of the time but you can`t please Tossers, not that anyone would care to try.

      • Howard Pyne says:

        Razspur, I was regular during the 80’s and 90’s frequenting ‘The Cage’ on the Shelf. Now I live abroad; am I not classed in this modern day of double speak a true supporter anymore? Or am I relegated to being a follower? You or anyone else have no claims to dilute the word based on only financial reasons. Each person who takes the Cockrel to their hearts, even if they lived on Mars are a benefit to the club.

        • Razspur says:

          You are now a fan and no longer a supporter, that does not demean your loyalty, you have paid your dues.

        • Essexian76 says:

          I think the question you should ask yourself is how would you as a season ticket holder or regular attendee, look upon those that don’t attend games for no other reason than an inability to raise their backsides from off the couch or opt to spend their cash on things other than going to games-yet somehow still convince themselves they have a voice, where the reality is if no internet existed-neither would they!

        • Razspur says:

          Missing you already Howard.

        • Howard Pyne says:

          I suppose donating to the THFCF is no longer validation to be a supporter. Well enjoy your loyalty to this blog be it as a fan or supporter if you financially support it. I for one wont be back.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Oh well,so you asked yourself the question,and sacked yourself-are you Japanese? Bushido rules KO!

    • Deano says:

      Completely Agree wirh Essex
      My choice is to pay money week in / week out to watch Spurs and not do anything else.
      If you are abroard of course you cant come to the games. If you take your son/ daughter to PLAY football on saturday then of course you cant come to WHL.
      I dislike those who chose not to attend at all yet have the ability too have a go at those who go through the shit cold nights in watford etc.
      Therefore if Aaron Lennon is putting in his 6th awful cross of the game or yet another short pass to Walker I am completely entitled to rant.

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