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Having been given the heads up by the publishers I thought it may be of interest to share thisThinking Inside the Box’  is a highly unusual and thought-provoking book by France and now Tottenham Hotspur football super star Louis Saha.

Personally written by Saha without the assistance of a ghostwriter, rather than a straight autobiography, ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ is the former Manchester United and Everton striker’s analysis of the life of a modern footballer. Which has got to be refreshing path for a footballer to take and one which may reflect we aren’t dealing with your run of the mill footballer fare.

With the thoughts of Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson, Zinadine Zidane, Didier Drogba, Tim Cahill and many more who are probably far less hateful, Louis Saha, ‘wanted to write what it is really like. About how to keep it real and stay sane in the middle of this sporting circus’.

Spurs’ new boy has represented France nineteen times and was part of the 2004 European Championship and 2006 World Cup squads. Former clubs include Everton, Manchester United, Fulham, Newcastle United and Metz.

Saha’s transfer to Spurs had Twitter in overdrive; no-one could really understand why Redschnapps wanted a 33-year-old striker that struggles to get off his sickbed to increase his large numbers of forwards at White Hart Lane.

Still if he can get Saha fit and playing it could prove to be a master stoke; indeed the Frenchman has shown at Fulham, Manchester United and indeed Everton in brief glimpses why people rate him so highly, he is a class act. 

On his showings so far in the ol’ Lilywhite Saha and Spurs could be on to a winner.

Thinking Inside The Box Reflections on Life as a Premier League Footballer To be published: May 2012 By Louis Saha ISBN: 978190763753 Format: Hardback Pages: 320 Weight: 480 grammes.

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