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Good morning.

Apologies for lack of activity but I am assured that thanks to the sterling efforts of the world’s finest digital minds the damp sellotape holding the server together has been replaced with stout British string. 

The game against Newcastle goes straight into the Top 10 of the best I’ve ever seen. The stage was set for a tough ol’ showdown. Newcastle it could be said, still had the wind up ’em. Pardew has almost reached the point where he can travel to and from Sid James Park without an armed guard.

Newcastle may have in part inexplicably failed to have shown up, but we didn’t win 5-0 because the pitch was on a slant and the ball rolled in of it’s own accord.

Highlights? Krankie proved a noble stand in for the missing Dutchman, who for keen eyed kids was in a box, on the wine wearing one of those foam musical birthday cake hats. 

Walker’s defending is visibly improved. That’s all I ever asked for. I never said he needed to work on his conversational Japanese. Pathe News Boy is the N17 Enforcer. Bale was a bit off the boil. Adebayor was a sensation. A revelation. Saha may well be mounting the greatest comeback since Lazarus.

The stars of the show were the home crowd and the manager. I like lots of singing. I like the manager going bonkers when the goals go in. So I was a very happy boy with all of that business.  

Click on the player images for a vintage treat!

 7 Carling Black Label

 8 Man of the people.

 7 He’s passed his fizzical.

 7 A lotta bottle.

 7 The Avenger.

 8 Don’t take away our Breakaway.

 7 Cinzano.

 9 Buy British.

 9 As much fun as an Atari in 1981.

 10 Plink plink fizz…

 9 Action Man Sharp Shooter

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