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Good morning

I can’t recall such an unrewarding game having so many grating facets to it. 

Kenny Dalglish has taken the siege mentality to new depths. He used to be tight lipped, frequently blunt. He’s deteriorated into an obtuse Magic 8 ball with an increasingly threadbare array of wannabe clever dick comments.

He’s not only allowed the victim culture of Merseyside to permeate the football club, he’s wearing it as a badge of honour. I’d be fascinated to know just who, outside of that city he’s impressing. The twit that was waiving a green laser pointer in Benny’s face probably thinks King Kenny rocks.

Mind you, I’d crack up if I was beginning to look like a fat Paul McCartney.

Suarez trailed his hand to catch PNB in the face and then deliberately kicked him in the gut. Yet again only the watching millions and not one of the match officials managed to spot this. 

Martin Tyler’s commentary on this wasn’t biased, it was straightforward bizarre. His reaction to this blatant assault was to scoff that Parker had only just made a ‘miraculous recovery’ in relation to a nasty go Charlie Adam had just  on him.

Ratings then.

 8 Self assured, brave in fact all the things you look for in a goal keeper. Or a Lollypop Lady in a particularly rough area.

 7 He defended far far better than I can recall. His forward moves amounted to zip but we hired him to defend. 

 7 Coped with Carroll and just about anything else they had in his stride. It was his kind of game.

 7 As ever he added an air of certainty to the back four. 

 6 Not an amazing performance. The lumping it up turns possession into 50/50 balls. If we could lose those kicks and the crappy throw ins/corners from our game, we’d be in clover.

 6 We seem to be getting a different player every time he plays. Last night he didn’t actually do cery much. I’m still unconvinced by him. My fear is he goes from being Dozzell 2.0 to being J**** 3.1 let’s jope not.’ 

 9 “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” He ended up covered in cuts with Bugs Bunny’s footprint for an appendix scar.

 The FedEX of Spurs. Distributed like a mother. 

 6 You need to stop diving Gaz and  the left wing ought to be your default setting. Naff game all round.

 6 Appears to have rediscovered his mojo somewhat but this wasn’t a game he really made a mark upon. 

 6 He appears have two or three players constantly wrapped round him. Arry needs to shake up our tactic to include him more. Struggling.

 4 Word is he won lots of headers. 

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  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    Dalglish’s post-match interview got me so wound up I said a rude word out loud. Mrs GWG was shocked – that’s normally her job…
    Slimy, snide, supercillious, smug and any other adjectives beginning with S I haven’t thought of.

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Bale and Livermore on the same score,don’t seem right to me.

  • A_Felching says:

    Seen bits and bobs, we are way ahead of that shower

  • Sid Trotter says:

    All things considered we played very, very well – tough place Anfield with Bugsy and Gerrard playing and them needing to win more than us.

    I salute the lads who donned the white shirts last night.

    We have moved on from letting games like that beat us, to now where we are solid, strong and able to defend.

  • Bruxie says:

    A bit harsh on Livermore, HH.

    He was neat and unfazed by the ruffians.

    Ade is suffering for being such a willing worker.
    If he didn’t work so hard, we’d all be saying that the service up to him was inadequate…or crap.

    Suarez and Dalglish are feeding off each other.
    The worse Suarez becomes the more Dalgleish defends him.
    The more Dalglish defends him, the worse Suarez gets.

    It has to be up to the officials and the retropective committee and FA to keep an eye (and an ear) on this.

    Sky need to get a little bit more assertive too. Dalglish reaps the benefit of subscribers cash and treats perfectly reasonable questions with contempt.

    Gary Neville is the man to take him on and criticise the idiot from a tactical point of view.

    • Phil McAvity says:

      I actually can’t believe I’m going to say this but I really enjoy Gary Neville’s tactical analysis! His voice might be a little boring but he talks some good sense, far far better than that bitter, biased nob Andy Gray.

      • MalSpur says:

        Phil, I was of the same opinion last night. Right up until last night I thought he was a complete tool, but since I am not so sure. He even managed to utter a couple of funnies which was nice.

      • Essexian76 says:

        Even if you didn’t like him as a player, his analysis is spot on- He’s blunt and ever so pro-Utd, but he say’s it like it is and you have to respect his opinion. Neville has played for the greatest team in Prem history and under SAF, but more importantly his knowledge is based on the modern game-not an utterance of ‘In my day’

        • jim says:

          I thought the ref had a great game also that was one of Spurs best defensive performances.I started to get concerned about 20 mins into the second half but instead of conceding we got tighter. The suarez thing, at first looked like a accident but on replay he knew exactly what he was doing. G neville not my favourite but does talk a lot of sense. As for KD he is a proper muppet. A great point for us.

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