Sandro’s Bruce Lee Video Special

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This is more like it.

I was lamenting the absence of fruit cakes in the modern game. Balotelli doesn’t count as violence serves only to take us into the arena of the unhappy and the unwell.

By fruit cake I mean good old fashioned loopyness where nobody gets hurt, the protagonist suspends his or her own embarrassment and reminds all of us acting ‘normally’ just how boring we’ve become.

This then from the bowels of the social media thing what is called Twitter.



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  • Brisbane Spud says:


    • SuperSpurs says:

      Apologies in advance, its been a while since I berated someone for doing the “1st” thing, so here goes ….

      Grow up for f*cks sake !! Ahhhh, that feels better…as you were.

  • Brisbane Spud says:

    Did I finally achieve my child hood dream of being no.1??

  • Brisbane Spud says:

    Bonds come out and said we should trust in Arry. Lost some of its credability when he compared Nelson and Saha to Sheringham and Merson? Is it true that Arse have only named 22 man squad due to lack of registered english players? If true could be worse then!

    • johns says:

      1st,2nd& 3rd! That’s enough already!!

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Re: the 22 man Arsenal squad, this is true, as was mentioned on here yesterday. Always good to mock that lot, but this isn’t really as dramatic in terms of being able to field a team.

      The registered squad is only for players over 21 yrs. old. We need to accept that the arsanalists have an abundance of talent more than able to perform in the PL, who are young enough to not need to be registered, and who have been with them long enough that they will be considered “home grown” when they come of age.

  • matt says:

    that was horrible.

  • melcyid says:

    unleash the beast at the heamorrhoids

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