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Good morning.

The buck toothed toad returns to the Barclays Premiership. What joy. I’m actually more interested in how his theatrics – oh sorry make that his cheating – is managed by the officials.

Liverpool were thumped 4-0 at The Lane and it’s a struggle to see a repeat of that happening this evening. Their form has seen what wannabe business types might refer to as a moderate upswing, underpinned largely by consistent home form.

Anfield hasn’t become a fortress as such it’s just that they have yet to lose at home this season having drawn 7 times. The side effect of this is of course that points win prizes and you only get one point for a draw. 

Team news then. Van der Vaart is the usual – a question mark over his fitness – but will probably play. Defoe and Adebayor are less likely. Azza Blud has a hamstring and so is highly unlikely to feature. If he’s not 100% it’s preferable he doesn’t. Word is that Ryan Half Nelson has travelled.

So based upon who’s available here’s the likely starting XI:

That brings us to the part of the show where we consider making a prediction or two. For the fan who doesn’t fight form, the draw is 12/5. For the supporter looking for love, Saha as first goalscorer is 8/1. 

Spurs love an early-bird special and add to that some insurance so Tottenham Half Time, The Draw Full Time is an enterprising 12/1.

Me? Oh I’m on a 2-3 win at 40’s  :daumen: All prices courtesy of Hotspur’s Half Hour’s Official Bookie, Boylesports.

Keep it Tottenham and BIOYBDC!

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