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Good morning?

It’s a funny state of affairs that some believe it’s not ‘right’ to consider replacing Arry Resdschnapps when he himself has announced he’s considering replacing us. 

Another loss then. Another week of our advantages gained being slowly eroded and we need to explore why. The obvious answer is that we played two top top teams. But the game against Arsenal was joke shop of a game. Had the incredible fortune to score 2 iffy goals in swift succession then conceded 5.

Against Manchester United we actually played well for a long time. Lots of possession. Lots of looking every bit like a home side. We couldn’t get past their midfield, but we were doing a good impression of a mob that were in control.

But possession doesn’t win prizes. 

In both games our manager was found to be tactically out of his depth. Arsenal were greater than the sum of their parts quite simply because the disciplined manner that they played. Van Persie is one of their best players and so they fed him. Bale is one of our best players and we let him go AWOL, living’ his agent’s wet dream.

Ans then against United we replaced Bale with …wait for it, Modric. Our most creative player, most likely to supply the front men player and we stuck him on the wing. 

You know, I would have played Krankie on the wing yesterday or even Rose. The latter’s pretty gormless, but he could have done a job without having to greater a negative impact on our overall shape.

Up front, Adebayor and Saha couldn’t score. Frequently outnumbered and with Modric out wide their supply routes were limited. Defoe should have come on far far sooner.

Defensively we were laughable. Two naff games in a row for a Ledley King who is looking increasing shot to pieces. The last 180 minutes have hurt him and it’s killing us. The Midas touch he had is now working in reverse and where once his presence was infectious, now his vulnerability is seeping into the entire back line.

So what is the answer? Well if Arry isn’t being distracted by his showbiz career then I’m a monkey’s uncle. His Court case naturally overshadowed his managerial efforts. He could well have gone to prison, you know. But who’s fault was that? I didn’t open an account in Monaco and move money about in his name. Nor did any of you. If he conducted his financial affairs like a normal human being opposed to some cartoon character on the run from the mafia this wouldn’t have happened.

Then this England business. Not only do we get lucky that Arry announces he’d like the job but we hit the jackpot as Fabio gets the bullet not a week afterwards.

Since then, the FA have lived up to their reputation and done sod all in slow motion. The press have asked Arry on the hour about the position and on the hour he’s provided blushing quote after blushing quote. He’d play Theo Walnutt, he’d bring Scholesy in.

Of course, it would be vicious and vile of me to ask him what his strategy is for Tottenham against Stevenage. He’s the best manager since Burkinshaw, you know.

We’ve a cracking squad but the man in charge isn’t entirely focused on the job and it’s showing.

5.089 Immobile? 

5. 090 Weak. 

5.777 Knackered.

6.567 Not awful.

6. 566 Not dreadful.

7.802 Possibly his best game in the shirt to date.

7.454 Took the sting out of Scholes.

7.454 Could have been so important, but was stuck on the wing.

7.563 Inspiring stuff.

6.997 Looked damn hungry, then faded.

6.893 Woeful first touch.

8.001 Deployed far too late.

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  • crespur says:

    Was there a contentious referee decision to debate, is Atkinson a red eye drinker like some of the others who have officiated in this fixture in the past and HH do you think that you should factor in the ref equaion when handing out marks?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Mmmn. I take your point. We can’t legislate for other people’s insanity we can only play our own part. Adebayor’s goal was a handball.

      • crespur says:

        But!!!! would Atkinson have deemed it a handball if it had a struck a M U player,chances are that he wouldn’t have as he would have called it ball to hand. It can’t be a Spurs v M U unless there is a contentious Ref decision. So I reckon factor in the Ref and do the sums again..

    • 39 39 39 says:

      I got the impression that Ade got in the way of a surefire goal

      • aqaljuta says:

        Ade does that more often than not. He, Keano and VDV are of the same mould. They love to run across the goal mouth hoping they’d got lucky to nick the ball home and got their names on the scoresheet…instead, they blocked sure-goal shots! Bunch of idiots!

        Pls don’t sign him on permanent…tired of seeing his awful first touches and casual style of play. Not to mention his all-time grin!


        • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

          Completely agree with all the points in your last paragraph. I know he is earning mega bucks but somnebody needs to tell him that these games are not testimonials. They are actually quite important. How comes he looked a bloody sight meaner and hungrier when he played against us for Real Madrid?

        • Spurlative says:

          Because he was being coached by Mourinho?

        • perrymann says:

          Got a brick for a foot,no touch whatsoever,needs too many chances to score.

  • IoanX says:

    You’re right. Possession doesn’t win games. Effectiviness, concentration and intelligent tactics does.
    That’s the difference between TH and MU for example. So next time Spurs are buying a player the club must be sure that he isn’t that much brainless, has a winner’s character and he can play concentrated and keep his position throughout the game.
    Also the club needs a trainer who can teach the players (i.e. set pieces) and can apply the right tactics during the course of a game. Simple but necessary steps.

    • matt says:

      Your grandma must be awesome at sucking eggs.

    • aqaljuta says:

      Couldn’t agree more mate. Really sick of Harry’s fondness of buying players with brains in their rectums! And yeah!! pls…pls…pls…sort out the set pieces. I have seen enough and wonder what the feck HR,KB and JJ are doing about it week-in and week-out!

      • Tel says:

        I wouldn’t say Saha or Parker are not intelligent players. Parker is a football brain and Saha wrote a book…
        But totally agree about the set pieces. And agree with HH about the positioning of Modders and lack of Defoe and Krankie.
        It’s pointless having all the possession and movement if you’ve got no supply to the front men and can’t head a ball away from your own goal. Man U have the players, experience and instruction from their manager and coaching staff to win games like that all day long. That’s why they are champions and IMO front runners to win again this year.
        Our defenders should know better – United don’t switch off or lay down. We need that attitude at Spurs

  • KevtheRev says:

    Results not unexpected some might say and to those people i say it’s time you and some of the Spurs team/management get off your mothers tit milk and start to man up because these sorts of results need to be unexpected…

  • Gestie says:

    Harry has, up until now it seems, been doing a fantastic job for us. and this is my point. Harry has consistently spoken of Tottenham in the third person; “well… tottenham for sure” etc. he does not always sound like he is tottenham. If we the supporters want the level of commitment that we demonstrate from a manager then we need to look elsewhere. for the level of commitment shown by SAF, a manager needs to be able to be cut in half and see tottenham spelt out inside. Harry has done us proud…is the last few performances down to the fixture list, the england job or a bit of both? i am going for the latter, mostly though i think it is who we are playing with the exception of Stevenage – the next few games will show us where we truly are. HH, i was not sure that the Man U game was a snapshot of our season, but maybe the next few games will really show us how far we came under Harry, before he does ride off into the sunset, west towards wembley way. in recent years of the last 41 years of supporting spurs i know that this is the first time that we could finish 3rd. if this was to be harry’s final gift – oh and a FA cup final, then his time at spurs will go down as a success in historical terms.

    • ceegee says:

      Erm I think u’ll find we finished 3rd in 89-90 season n also in da 84-85 season! Ok im being flippant but da point is dont fall for da media propaganda bout redknapp he didnt build WHL with his bare hands n da last couple of game have exposed his tactical ability for what it is..ZERO! He makes da players feel good tho!!

      • Gestie says:

        Ok, point made, i meant in the EPL, since its conception. i agree that he does not have the greatest tactical mind, and that he timing and choice of subs is not always early enough or the right player. AND with both of those points we are in 3rd place above the arsenal and chelsea. this is not something i would have expected – hoped for yes, been doing that for years. will he leave us without a young and up and coming keeper – yes, will he leave us without a centre forward in contract apart from J Defoe yes he probably will. but this is the best we have been in a long long time. i believe he will go and we need to have started looking for a new manager once Capello said ‘i had enough mate caio’

        • ceegee says:

          agreed! For me levy would b failing in his duty as chairman if hasnt tapped up a couple names already! For me there’s a shortlist of ONE but now da chelski job’s available I cant c us gettin jose!

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Jose in da owse innit!

  • Peanuts on the Paxton says:

    Redknapp should have changed things straight after the second goal went in. Stuffing was knocked out of us and nothing was going to change with the same players on the pitch. Why wait for the third goal and then another 10 bloody minutes afterwards to bring Defoe and the Krank on? Why?
    Defoe came on, scored what was actually a really good goal and the players looked like they wanted to do something again. Too little too late. Dischuffed.

    • Kosta14 says:

      I thought he should’ve made the change at half time. Although Livermore was playing well he should’ve sacrificed him for krankie(balance) and Defoe on for Saha. Why he waited until the 3rd goal is anyone’s guess at that stage I would’ve gone a 4-3-3 with dos Santos on also

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