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Good afternoon.

I’ve resisted posting on the subject of Bale this week as all I had to say I said here. What has been interesting is that when that piece went out it drew some pretty vociferous responses.

‘Biggest load of reproductive spheres ever written’, ‘You’re talking crap’, ‘What the hell is this garbage?’ ‘You’re a tool’, ‘You’re way off the mark, Harry.’

Yet ever since the Emptycrates debacle most forums one could find were merging threads on the unchecked lunacy of Bale quicker than you could say ‘What the naff is he doing?!’

But is all of this academic? The Daily Mail are reporting that the boy Bale is banjaxed. A grade A torn hamstring. I’m not a medical man but I do know that the best supermarket chickens are grade A; so we can only presume his hamstring to be fresh, plump and succulent.

But better sources than the Mail, say like @BenPearce on Twitter believe it’s only a knock and nothing as bad as suggested. In fact it is probable he will play.

Walker’s out, PNB’s out. Ledders must have a question mark over him the ┬ásize of a zeppelin. Gallas if fit hasn’t played a competitive game since 1978 and van der Vaart as ever is going to let us know on the day.

So what becomes of the broken hearted? Spurs fans are due a competent performance on Sunday. Playing Manchester United is no mean feat and we cannot afford any more foul ups.

Bale on one wing, Azza on the other. Tactics worthy of a top four team from the manager. Game on.


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  • notsohotspurs says:

    On a wing and a prayer


  • ha ha top stuff. I agree bale in the left hand and lennon on the right glove. a quick one-two and stick the adebayheadbut on the chin with a quick sandro to the ribs of the fallen manc and we walk away with each winger tucked in our pockets whistling and chortling.

  • disagree, he is still miles ahead of rose in this position. Evert player can have an off day. Shame all 11 happened at once last sun

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:


    Got to drop BAE after last week’s debacle

    • Bruxie says:

      You are kidding me.

      Rose cannot pass and cannot tackle.

    • Peter says:

      How many matches do you attend you fool?

      BAE has performed consistently well – You tipify the knee jerk reaction – open your eyes when you watch a game!

      • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

        Probably more than you. Jogging back whilst three or four red shirts went steaming past, one of whom scored, was unacceptable. I will open my eyes in future – to make sure I don’t bump into a dick called Peter.

  • 1 up front don’t buy the SAF weary of Saha crap.

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