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Good afternoon.

Some four hours to go and if we’re honest the confidence, the exuberance that evaporated so cruelly last week has been difficult to summon up again. And that’s just for us who don’t have the responsibility of actually wearing the Chicken Badge.

It’s so important that we not only put last week behind us, but ensure that we play the Tottenham way. Keep the ball on the floor, entwine precision with pace and get back to playing the type memorable football that has had every pundit this side of the Great Wall of China cooing all season.

We know that Parker is missing, but we’re not a one man team and Sandro is not just admired for his self defence skills. I always feel that the games against Manchester United really reflect how we’ve done. A snapshot of a season in one game.

I use United because of all the clubs we play they have been so depressingly consistent, so depressingly succussful that as barometers go, they are a decent one.

The ‘gap’ was closed from 10 points to 4 yesterday. And the Woolwich having eaten so hungrily into that will be on the lads minds as much as anything else. So let’s see a nice, simple, straightforward approach where we keep our heads and keep our momentum. 


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  • A_Felching says:

    Yes please, but I think ‘Arry will try to out Fox the Scotch groat

  • onedavemackay says:

    In some ways this is a reverse of last week.

    We are supposedly in a ‘Bad Place’ whilst the Manchester OAPs roll on. I suggest we burst their bubble just as the Arse burst ours. We are not as bad as 5-2 suggested and United are not as good as this season’s results would suggest.

    Scholes and Giggs have been terrific over the last few weeks but I think that may be misleading. I believe if Lennon, Modders, Sandro and Bale are fit and deployed where they should be they are more than capable of taking control of the middle of the park.

    Then there’s the old chestnut that one day we will get the rub of the green that they’ve enjoyed over the years with disallowed goals, crazy refereeing last minute miracles etc.

    Finally, we all know that sooner or later the day will dawn when we beat them so why not today?

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    VdV fills me with no confidence. Ledley bothers me these days. We’re short of a key player or two.

  • Jerard says:

    I am so not looking forward to this game…perhaps I’m still haunted by our pathetic showing last week…VDV needs to start IMHO…Bale and Lennon need to stick to their flanks and at least attempt to skin their fullbacks…Ledley and Kaboul need to be razor sharp…

  • Jol 5:5 says:

    United keeper beginning to look good but you have to believe that any defence with Johnny Evans in it can’t hold out. I wouldn’t play Krankie against this lot – he was poor in August and his failure to close down led, in part, to the first two goals last week.

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