Date: 22nd March 2012 at 8:32pm
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Good evening.

Another Arry out blog, oh how terribly fascinating, Mr Harold. Or rather, let’s weigh matters up and see how we get on, shall we? 

The most recent charges against Citizen Redschnapps include a lack of squad rotation, an inability to provide a coherent tactical strategy to the players and the distraction of an offer to manage Engerland that has yet to be offered to him.

In the previous blog we discussed the clusterfeck that was two points dropped against a dull, dull Stoke side. appeared almost embarrassed into pursuing the obvious and using the left wing.  Why isn’t this delusional child being managed then? 

Parker is being physically driven through the floorboards. wore out their welcome with the guy by doing the same. The sole distinction here is that with us he’s playing with some superb talent, not schmucks. How long can we trade on this before he is sidelined? 

And now these bloody quotes.

I was talking to ODM the other night and I think I shocked him by discussing something we both agreed upon. It was about a piece in a red top a few years back where BMJ was eloquently pining over that Dirk Kuyt bloke after had signed him.

I said I expect …in fact, I demand that anyone managing the glorious Tottinghams stays purely focused upon what we’re doing.

But that is unstoppable, isn’t he? 

“Chelsea have got strong characters, they’ve got leaders on the pitch,”

TRANSLATED: When I’m Engerland manager I’m gonna give a spine of maturity, for sure..

“They’ve got good players, they’ve got leaders, characters, winners”

TRANSLATED: You can see wot I’m up against, most of ’em don’t speak the Queen’s.

“Chelsea are good, that’s a powerful team again. Am I more worried about them than Arsenal? Not really, they’re both bang there, both strong sides who were both red-hot favourites to finish in front of at the start of the year.”

TRANSLATED: The collapse ain’t nuffink to sweat over ‘cos we were two bob at the bookies to start off wiv anyways.

The man’s a fool.