Finishing Top Ain’t A Must

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Good afternoon.

Now the Stoke game is confirmed as on we can and indeed ought make a welcome  return to focusing on football.

I remember when I first discovered Woody Allen. A few live recordings of his stand up and then ‘Without Feathers’. Anyway there was a sketch about a ransom demand and his father’s very poor reading habits. 

Today …I discovered a London Evening Standard interview with Henry James Redknapp, footballing supremo of this parish published some 3 days ago. ”Harry Hotspur for the best reheated leftovers this side of Stone Henge.’

“Finishing top four is not a must [to keep those players],” said Redknapp. “If Arsenal don’t get in the top four, are their best players going to leave? If Chelsea don’t, will their best players walk away?

Is this clown out of his tiny cockle & whelk slurping mind?  I’m no expert in these matters but is he actually for real? Modric is a man overboard just waiting to happen. Bale who we all love is only human a footballer after all and if the right offer came in from someone else – in addition to Arry – who didn’t give a monkey’s about his dreadful license to roam vision, who’s to say that not being a Champions League side wouldn’t have a baring?

I find it staggering that our manager, in fact any decent Premiership manager would come out with such self serving twaddle. Ian Holloway, yes. But to the best of my knowledge Ian Holloway and Henry James Redknapp are two separate people.

I’d be fascinated to get Levy & Co’s view on this. The impact of Champions League football  on THFC’s revenue streams, the revenue streams that are pivotal to the new stadium don’t need spelling out.

Is this unfair criticism? Is he right? Is securing a top four finish a mere trifle? Is it a supermarket own brand trifle, all bovine gelatine, artificial flavourings and a some genetically modified custard substitute? Maybe he’s right.  Maybe upon considered reflection the notion that Champions League football is nothing to get too fussed about is a fair viewpoint. 

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  • Graham says:

    I understand where you are coming from however; I am lucky enough to be able to watch each PL press conference with my work, and I saw Harry’s in its entirety….

    I also read the article and agree completely in all of the points you just made…. however like most journalists and papers…. it was taken out of context.

    Harry did say that…. but he was asked, would our players leave if we didn’t make top four?….

    He however earlier said…..

    “it would be difficult but finishing in the top 4 is our priority”, then he finished with “and I think we will do it!”

  • Nolanh says:

    I don,t know why we are surprised at what he comes out with anymore,… Talk about covering your own arse.. The man is a disgrace!! I am just waiting for him to use the Muamba situation as blame for us not getting top 4 as well…

    • ceegee says:

      ur soooo right nolan! The “punching above our weight” comment was enough for me but then again ive never been a redkrapp fan so his idiotic retoric doesnt surprise me!! Levy has to do all he can to replace this clown regardless of England calling or not!!!

  • Grim Reaper says:

    Is this unfair criticism? NOIs he right? NOIs securing a top four finish a mere trifle? NOIs it a supermarket own brand trifle, all bovine gelatine, artificial flavourings and a some genetically modified custard substitute? Yes.

  • nipper says:

    …not long ago he was saying we could lift the title. Now it seems its ok to not even make top 4…that’ll motivate the players! Assuming they’re not too traumatised, our target has got to be 3rd in EPL, and lift the FA cup….and all the players can make a nice charitable donation to medical research…….

  • Simon says:

    Maybe he was referring to the fact that they are under contract. So in a sense he is right – they can’t go unless we agree to sell them.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I take your point, but surely that’s the last line of defence?

      We’ve had a bloody great season. Are we happy to be led into 5th or 6th now because this intellectual donkey is more interested in the England job.

      • Simon says:

        I don’t think Harry would be at all happy with anything less than CL. I think he is trying to take pressure off the players.

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I can only describe that sentiment as ambitious.

          I wonder why do we not hear this type of comment from …real other managers?

      • nipper says:

        …and how does us finishing 6th help him get the England job? I don’t get the connection between the so called loss of form and the possibility we might have a better manager next year…..players can only take so much trauma, 2-0 up at scum and lose it, trashed by manure, unable to find the Toffee’s net, players out of position, Fabrice…you name it, but is the England job really to blame????

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          nipper, the man genuinely believes he’s nailed on for the England job.

          If his head isn’t turned, then I wonder what is the explanation for the clusterfuck of results and these daft quotes?

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