Date: 19th March 2012 at 1:56pm
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Good afternoon.

Now the Stoke game is confirmed as on we can and indeed ought make a welcome  return to focusing on football.

I remember when I first discovered Woody Allen. A few live recordings of his stand up and then ‘Without Feathers’. Anyway there was a sketch about a ransom demand and his father’s very poor reading habits. 

Today …I discovered a London Evening Standard interview with Henry James Redknapp, footballing supremo of this parish published some 3 days ago. ”Harry Hotspur for the best reheated leftovers this side of Stone Henge.’

“Finishing top four is not a must [to keep those players],” said Redknapp. “If don’t get in the top four, are their best players going to leave? If don’t, will their best players walk away?

Is this clown out of his tiny cockle & whelk slurping mind?  I’m no expert in these matters but is he actually for real? Modric is a man overboard just waiting to happen. Bale who we all love is only human a footballer after all and if the right offer came in from someone else – in addition to – who didn’t give a monkey’s about his dreadful license to roam vision, who’s to say that not being a side wouldn’t have a baring?

I find it staggering that our manager, in fact any decent manager would come out with such self serving twaddle. Ian Holloway, yes. But to the best of my knowledge Ian Holloway and Henry James Redknapp are two separate people.

I’d be fascinated to get Levy & Co’s view on this. The impact of football  on THFC’s revenue streams, the revenue streams that are pivotal to the new stadium don’t need spelling out.

Is this unfair criticism? Is he right? Is securing a top four finish a mere trifle? Is it a supermarket own brand trifle, all bovine gelatine, artificial flavourings and a some genetically modified custard substitute? Maybe he’s right.  Maybe upon considered reflection the notion that football is nothing to get too fussed about is a fair viewpoint. 

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