Groundhog Day

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Good Groundhog Day.

Where doe one start? Is it a blip? Is it is a the business end of the season suddenly sharpening the previously blunted knives, hatchets and broadswords of the opposition?

I’ve made my views clear on this endlessly and it’s so flippin’ obvious what the problem is I’m typing this like it’s something I’ve been practicing and fine tuning for weeks. I’ve also made the point, the serious point that it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to state how I feel.

Redschnapp’s has worked wonders. I wholly agree. I’m grateful. But that does not give him immunity from criticism. Again, for the umpteenth time, when I wrote the, ‘Gareth Bale The Ego Has Landed’ piece with a few notable exceptions I was told to roll it up and insert it in the orifice of mu choice.

The jig was officially declared in the last 20 minutes of yesterday’s game when the away supporters began singing ‘Gareth Bale, He Plays On The Left.’ I want to interject here that this chant must surely go down as the politest in sporting history.

In relation to an end to this misery; the FA like any confused and contrary child have stropped off saying that they will make their mind up when they feel like it and if anyone talks about them while they’re gone then that will make them very very angry indeed and everyone will be in trouble.

Arry is not managing the side any more. I’d be fascinated to hear a coherent counter argument. He said under oath he was, ‘a fantastic football manager’. I’ve witnessed several fantastic football managers in action in my time and I’ve never heard a the supporters reduced to singing postional tips to them before.

I hope we finish third, or even fourth or make it o the FA Cup Final. But again as I said earlier in the week, I truly wonder what we’ll actually do with any of this achievements. 

I got you babe.

I need to finish some stuff for Hotspur’s Half Hour or ODM is going to up his hate mail rate. So analysis and ratings later on.

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  • impu says:

    1st hehe

    • SuperSpurs says:

      What was the point of your post and more importantly whats so funny about it ….. am I missing something here? If so, please share. Thank you

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Third I hope,but will I be 5th

  • cockadoodlydoo says:

    The last 3games were always goin to be hard and we were unlikely to gain many points from….. we really needed a match wnning performance from someone. the past few seasons someone has stepped up be it lennon or bale eg…. id like to c more of the pre match huddle and pray are world class players, play world class
    in the coming weeks….. u wouldnt be able to write a better drama , about what we are going to witness…. we ve bought are tickets…..hold tight everyone

  • ped says:

    totally agree, these last 3 games have historically been difficult games for us, now that they’ve gone time to push on & shut up that prick van persie & those gooner knobs who keep spouting on how they’re gonna finish above us.. tell you what though, i’d bet they’d rather be in our position than theirs… COME ON YOU MAGPIES (on monday)

    • Hartley says:

      Disagree, we have taken more points off Everton in the PL than off any other team…..and yesterday they were bad, but we were badder….is that even a word? If not, it should be….
      “badder” Arry Redschnapps Spurs side when playing a bad Everton side….

      • jim says:

        so what? does that mean we should beat them away from home?? No. Spurs fans are seriously dellusional, you are an embarrasement shouting your mouths off when we do well then have a go at everything when it goes wrong. Look at the whole picture instaed of basing your whole outlook game by game. I knew we would get 0 points from these two games and i got slaughtered for it. Well looks what gone and happened !!

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    Is it really possible that our badge kissing,huddle forming,happy training bunch of superstars would use Harry’s uncertain future as an excuse to take their combined feet off the peddle,I would like to think not as I can’t see what the gain is,but after Modric last year I have become very cynical.I just can’t get my head around players looking for an excuse to under perform.
    I might be showing my age,but in days gone past I don’t think it would have happened.Is there any pride left in teamwork or is it just a case of there will be better options for the the players down the road and Spurs are seen as just a stepping stone to get there.

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