I’m Told Arry To Quit At The End Of The Season

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Good afternoon.

Some will view this piece with contempt based upon my continuous ‘daring’ to point out the ‘frailties’ of what one might refer to as, Arry’s management style. Some will sneer as it’s arguably less than a 50/50 call.

But I don’t blog this for any other reason than the quality of the source. The source is rather good. In fact, pretty much impeccable. 

‘I’m not going to give you a quote it’ll identify me! But he won’t be managing the lads next season from what he’s told me and a few others.’

So there you go. Passed on in good faith, all that jazz. 

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  • zab says:

    AVB anyone? Would Ancellotti quit PSG six months in to come?

  • Beans says:


  • rofflecopter says:

    The only way your source can be impeccable is if it’s Harry Redknapp himself. Otherwise, this is a massive waste of valuable time and typing energy on your part.


    • Harry Hotspur says:

      rofflecopter = child

      • rofflecopter says:

        how would you define child, in the context of your response to my post?

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I’d define ‘child’ as someone ‘incapable of understanding’ that I shared this because it came from someone held – I wouldn’t have to argue too much – was held in high regard.

  • TMWNN says:

    Is he managing them now?

  • Beans says:

    Harry out for england, moyes in to continue progress

    • Sirled says:

      Moyes to continue Progress!!! pls in gods name NO!!! I have actually heard from some peeps down Bournemouth way it is 50/50 and Harry wants Levy to make him an offer he would find triffic!!!!

      • Beans says:

        Keep dreaming, Harry’s gone!
        He’s already telling anyone who d listen his England team
        No to moyes? Hes the favourite last time i looked,Any other realistic targets in mind ? Hope your not pinning your hopes on Jose coming

        • Sirled says:

          Not pinning my hopes on anyone or anything! Moyes would be more out of his depth than a swan 20,000 lges under the sea! Harry has most certainly not gone! going, possibly! Mourinho would not be viable!!!

        • Brian says:

          If Harry leaves,it’s a giant step backwards.Moyes is a decent manager and would have done us fine 4-5 years ago.Not now.He;s a downgrade ..we need an upgrade or you can kiss goodbye to Modric,probably Bail and no doubt a few others.

        • Darren says:

          Bail fucking brilliant….

    • Heath Spur says:

      Moyes would have to change his style of football greatly to be accepted. Considering the money he has spent Everton are a an average team. As others have pointed out we’d probably lose Bale and Modric as he is not a big name.

      I heard Deschamps’ name mentioned a couple of weeks ago, pretty impressive CV for a young manager.

      • jim says:

        Deschamps??? no no no, CV’s mean nothing, Santini, Ramos anybody ?? Got to be a british manager or one who has worked here before.

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