Date: 30th March 2012 at 9:10am
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Good morning and welcome to 48 hours of bridging the gap between nothing happening and a game of football breaking out against City on Sunday at o’clock.

has obliged his old mate and engineered a, ‘where’s that letter from the FA?’ piece in . 

“I don’t see any benefit in someone coming in at the last moment with a rah-rah-rah. He has to get to know those players.”

…said Tel  whilst having being fitted for some oscelot lined slippers. Proof that this is a put up job if for an nanosecond it was thought otherwise. The whole point of taking the post is that he knows the players already and he’s the greatest communicator known to man.

But today’s award for the tale that smells worse than an abandoned pet shop in high summer also goes to the old Current Bun and their, ‘City’s Sights On Modric’ article.Where Roberto Mancini is quoted as saying, 

 “ is an outstanding footballer, a great player. He is definitely one of the best in the

But it is by no means easy to get him because he plays for a big club, Tottenham. It is unlikely that they would let him leave.”

I’m struggling to see where any sights were being set there. Sounds more like he was asked about the player and gave a reasonable answer that’s been rather desperately twisted.

And so to the the link with Swansea supremo, Brendan Rodgers. I get that Arry is itching to quit and I get that Rodgers has done a cracking job at Swansea, but quiet how The Sun have ignored bookmaker prices and placed the 5th ranking man first is anyone’s guess. 

Rodgers has had a terrific run with the Swans, but is he so short sighted as to bin all that and take a punt with a group of new players and moreover put his career beneath a constant microscope? I’ve only seen him a handful of times on telly, Goals on Sunday and such but he doesn’t come across as insane.

If you want a real tip, I say  George Galloway has come from out of nowhere to being a plausible front runner to succeed Citizen Redschnapps. While it will be a tough act to replace Arry, Gorgeous George would certainly tick the voracious appetite for media relations box …and given the botch job he made of Bethnal Green he won’t be in office for long …but could he match the unsparing altruism of our Arry? 

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