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Good evening.

I’m sharing this with you as it relates to a miserable tale involving one of our very own and if doing so contributes  anything remotely positive to matters then it was definitely worth sharing.

Nine years ago this very day a young Jewish boy died in more than suspicious circumstances. Jerry Duggan left North London to go studying in Paris.  Whilst there,  he decided he’d pop over to Wiesbaden in Germany to attend a ‘peace conference’ on the Gulf War hosted by the LaRouche Organization.

Who? Good question. You can read all about that mob here.

However once at this ‘peace conference’ it seemed evident that there was a recurring theme being pushed. Namely that the war having had been instigated by the British …and ‘the Jews’. Jerry was 22 and at one conference event announced his faith. 

Jerry telephoned his parents at a little after 4pm and was clearly distressed. “Mum, I’m frightened. I need your help, I’m in big big trouble.”

Within hours, his dead body was discovered on a Wiesbaden motorway.

Now get this.

No statements were taken from the drivers of the vehicles that were involved in the boy’s death. Jerry’s clothing was destroyed without consulting his family. And there was no autopsy.

This stinks of a chilling and calculated cover up. I’m not alone in this view, by the way. There is a considerable body of sympathetic media coverage here from the provincial to the BBC, The Guardian, The Sun and Channel 4, not including foreign press of course. 

All I’m asking here is that you might take a few minutes to take a look and see if there’s something really nice that you might feel comfortable doing to help his parents.

They’ve achieved an incredible amount but they need more help. I wouldn’t know where the hell to begin if something like this happened to someone I knew. 

There’s a site set up here. Maybe make yourself a cuppa and have a click around.

Thanks for your time and let’s hope that the will of decent people prevails here in what is still a harrowing business.

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