Date: 4th March 2012 at 7:02pm
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Hello ladies.

Dirty headline. But hear me out.

For the main we played very well. Extremely well. But I’m unconvinced about the prospects of a team who’s manager is all too frequently passing comment in the national press about who he would include in ‘an’ team he obviously wants and needs to manage.

Am I a cancer among supporters? No. Look at my Tweets this afternoon. I always wish us well. In fact I’m as bonafide deluded as anyone.

There’s something up and I try not to hide behind the questionable decisions of officials. Atkinson got little wrong today. footballers are temperamental beasts and they need to know who is in charge and where everyone’s heart lies.

The sooner the squad knows who is in for the long term the better. has been wonderful. No two ways about it. But the jig is up. They know he’s off. We know he’s off. So let’s lose the fake goodwill/banter/speculation and focus upon business. This is football club, not a drop in centre for ‘torn’ upwardly mobile millionaires. 

I do not blame Arry for the final score this afternoon. I’m no a child in these matters. But I do know you only ever build on solid ground and we’ve a current manager who jumped up and down for every goal against and has been in a coma ever since.

NEWSFLASH: We’ll out-selfish you every day of the week, Mr Redschnapps. We’re . You’re just passing through my old son.