Levy Needs To Fire Arry TONIGHT

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Hello ladies.

Dirty headline. But hear me out.

For the main we played very well. Extremely well. But I’m unconvinced about the prospects of a team who’s manager is all too frequently passing comment in the national press about who he would include in ‘an’ England team he obviously wants and needs to manage.

Am I a cancer among THFC supporters? No. Look at my Tweets this afternoon. I always wish us well. In fact I’m as bonafide deluded as anyone.

There’s something up and I try not to hide behind the questionable decisions of officials. Atkinson got little wrong today. Premiership footballers are temperamental beasts and they need to know who is in charge and where everyone’s heart lies.

The sooner the squad knows who is in for the long term the better. Arry has been wonderful. No two ways about it. But the jig is up. They know he’s off. We know he’s off. So let’s lose the fake goodwill/banter/speculation and focus upon business. This is football club, not a drop in centre for ‘torn’ upwardly mobile millionaires. 

I do not blame Arry for the final score this afternoon. I’m no a child in these matters. But I do know you only ever build on solid ground and we’ve a current manager who jumped up and down for every goal against Newcastle and has been in a coma ever since.

NEWSFLASH: We’ll out-selfish you every day of the week, Mr Redschnapps. We’re Tottenham. You’re just passing through my old son.

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  • Mr Pamplemouse says:


  • Bloody Spurs says:

    Here comes the usual Spurs implosion, been a supporter for thirty years and have seen it more often than not. Every time I think Spurs are going to go somewhere something happens to derail us, this time it’s Fabios resignation. When will we break this jinx. Harry needs to either resign and take the England job or come out and say he doesn’t it because this uncertainty isn’t helping the players. If Harry goes I wouldn’t mind Klinnsman coming in with Mabbsy as assistant. I know that’s probably a bit random but who since the great Bill Nic would you say has come close to being called “Mr Tottenham.” For me its Gary Mabbutt and with a little tutorage from Jurgen, Mabbsy might just be that man. He has the lineage to deserve it and with the immediate experience and credence of Klinnsman we should be able to keep our best players and build big from there. COYS

  • Mr Pamplemouse says:

    Its a shame really, if the guy cant see that Defoe is better than Saha then England are in trouble. It’ll all end in tears mark my words. Although it may seem easy to say now in retrospect Saha was bought in as cover for Pav who wasnt getting games so why put him in as a starter. I dont think that Defoe is the best striker ever and I think he benefits from a spell on the bench but only for so long.

    • emspurs says:

      saha is a footballer who has scored 3 in 4 games (and should have had 5 if his teammates didn’t have it in for him). Defoe is an unhelpful midget nonce who thinks the odd unimportant goal gives him the right to make us play like we’re down to 10 men every week. There’s really no comparison.

  • Mr Pamplemouse says:

    Err, why come up with that pair? Klinnsman I can get but Gary M? Really – If he wanted it surely he would have already at a high level?

    Might as well just go for Chrissy H and Ginola.

    • Bloody Spurs says:

      The reason for Mabbsy alongside Klinnsman is because Jurgen has a lot of time and respect for Mabbutt and Mabbutt understands the club as I said earlier. That is surely what is needed right now. Someone to inspire the players for the remaining games.

  • melcyid says:

    thats as far as we go wiv trout chops .fanks for the memories now ride off into the sunset for your engerlund swansong :daumen:

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