Date:28th March 2012 at 7:44am
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Good morning.

Well we won despite ourselves. And if you listen to Owen Coyle, against adversity. As previously on ER, I’m bored now. Nobody died and Bolton fans need to look at themselves reviving the Muamba chant late in the game to rouse their players. By the same logic maybe we could have got more out of our lot last season by flashing up images of Wilson Palacios’ relatives on the Jumbotron?

So in a football context…

The positives were certainly Bale who looked like a man restored. Modric planted in front of PNB and Livermore worked excellently. Adebayor and Rafa looked like the mature and talented chaps they undoubtedly are. The most positive positive of all is Arry managing us again. 

There, I said it. We have a manager who for the second time in only a few days appears to have grasped what needed doing and acted accordingly. This underlines of course how he went AWOL on us, but it’s refreshing to see him back and taking an interest.


Well we kept making chances and missing them will be the cry. All I can say is I would rather we did that made just 3 chances all game. So no call for anyone out or anyone in from me. 

One niggle is I have to question the sanity of these long rang shots unless they’re thunderbolts of eloquently placed. Have you too noticed the increasing, ‘Whaaaat?’ from every guy that misses to his frustrated team mates after missing? Hopefully this can be ironed out by Arry encouraging them to occasionally think of others when in a shooting position.

 6.814 No complaints

 7.878 Genuinely mmense. 

 7.444 Sound and a super goal.

 6.488 Jury’s still out.

 7.456 Free as a bird

 7.565 Considered performance.

 7.000 Less pressure

 7.000 Dipped in and out

 8.001 Needs to share more?

 8.000 Always wonderfully creative.

 8.000 He’s good stuff.

 7.003 Super goal.

 7.999 Wonderfully selfish