Sending Best Wishes To Dave Mackay

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Micky Hazard has passed comment on Twitter that one of the greatest men to have ever played for Tottenham Hotspur is really rather ill.

For some time now, Dave has been battling against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Micky is passing on all messages so perhaps by the close of play tonight I can send Micky the URL to this blog as a collection of best wishes to Dave Mackay and those caring for him. 

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  • prestonspur66 says:

    Get well soon dave,best wishes to a true gentleman and legend.

  • Mr Spiggott says:

    An absolute legend. In times when players dive about like confetti spare a thought for a real hard man of football.

    The bremner photo is a classic and adorns my wall.

    • John says:

      Got to agree I watched him play in the 60s. A really hard but fair player. He could take it as well as dish it out. Good luck Dave & get well soon.

  • Dick Scratcher says:

    I met Dave during his rehabilitation from his 1st broken leg. That was way back in the early 60s. He was such a charming and interested man, such a contrast to the greatest hard man as a player.

    Best wishes Dave there will never be another like you.

  • sydney wale says:

    As always, a legend we all care about so all the best big man.

  • Suffolkspur says:

    Get well soon Dave. You were a great player, true professional and a Lilleywhite to your core. All true fans want to see you back at the Lane soon.

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