Team Sheet For Stoke

Good morning.

Tomorrow night is all about Tottenham getting back on track. The desire to land 3 points and wishing a stranger who suffered a heart attack well aren’t mutually exclusive. 

The issue of the players ‘being in the right place emotionally’ has been mooted and in such instances it’s the responsibility of the individuals that feel affected to make this known to staff and they will of course be welcome to sit this one out and an organisation as big as THFC will I am convinced get them any help they might need in this direction. Here’s my team to play Stoke.

Chicken Badge Heroes™ shown not actual size.

Again, I’m for resting King and Friedel. The reasons are there for all to see; Brad’s been letting in goals and Ledders looks lackluster. 

The return of Gallas is a welcome sight and hopefully given a run together this back four can establish some routine and dare I say it cohesion. 

The boy Bale, PNB and Modders across the middle in a 3 man midfield using van der Vaart as a foil to feed Saha and the Midget Gem. 

At the risk of pointing out the bleedin’ obvious if Bale continuously drifts in, not only will he magnify how narrow we are without Azza but he’ll simultaneously clog the midfield.

David Bentley has been training. If this actually means he’s fit and worth fielding is another matter. Against an anti footballing mob like Stoke I don’t know if I’d start him. Maybe an option to use him to replace a very tired van der Vaart who I anticipate getting quite tired after scoring two memorable goals.

Predictions? I expect the fans to make some real noise and get behind the players. Given the tragic nature of Sunday’s events endless rounds of, ‘Fabrice Muamba!’ throughout the game will only be haunting and not actually benefit anyone.

Full time, 2-0.



  1. I`m running a pub quiz on Thurs Evening need to make the 10 on sport quite hard.
    Try this,

    1a What is the correct name for the World Cup Trophy ?

    1b Name the dog who found it after it was stolen in 1966 ?

    1c How much did the blackmailer ask for from the FA for it`s safe return ?

    1d Extra 3 points for the name of the blackmailer, and it`s not grassing up.

    Use of internet,smartphone or books prohibited.

    1. The top one I know.
      The next 3 I remember watching a documentary on but I’ll be damned if I can remember the details.
      So I reckon they are bloody good questions, people have a chance. :daumen:
      Now you’ve made me go look at google!

        1. How about the name of the mascot in 66′? I may have struggled but I think I would have got that.

        2. England did not qualify for the final stages of the 1974 World Cup as they could only draw 1-1 with Poland in the last group match. Name the “Clown” who kept goal for Poland at Wembly that night ?

        3. Spot on.I did see Willie on google but instantly new it was the mascot. 74′ (Birth date) World Cup keeper cant think of his name. Is he the one who played a blinder?(if it is) My old man insists if it weren’t for him we had a great chance, also say the team was better than 66.

        4. Name the player who scored the goal in the Manchester derby which relegated Man Utd in the 1973/74 season ?

        5. Sunderland of Div 2 beat Leeds 1-0 in the 1973 FA Cup final, name the Sunderland manager that day ?

        1. Pickles, who sadly died by hanging himself with his lead while chaseing a cat in the early `70`s.

  2. I did not comment before the sc#m, Manure or Everton game and we all know what happened. Now I will say Arry needs to play the Stoke ( away ) game back to the players and show them how due to clueless referee we lost the game. Plus comments from Chelski and Sc#m players who say we will bottle 3rd place. More then enough motivation to take all 3 points. Hope Jose is watching his new team secure CL football for next year.

  3. ‘H’, how about something a bit radical? Put the lad Smith (if we still have him) at RB and play Walker wide right. His pace forward would devastating and he can get back to cover Smith. I believe our problems stem from having to shoe-horn in too many ‘stars’. So may be drop Defoe and play VDV behind Saha. And keep Bale on the LEFT!!!!!

    1. That’s not completely insane. I would prefer that to Bentley who I just think is aside from anything else too bloody slow…

      1. I have only ever seen David Bentley play one decent game at the Lane, unfortunately it was for Norwich City back in 2004’ish….he is useless, couldn’t kick the skin off a rice pudding…

        1. Harts, he came in for Lennon after xmas 2010 and his performances were solid and contributed a great deal to our first CL qualification. OK he’s not as dynamic as Lennon but he’s a round peg in a round hole at least. As said before if Redknapp hadn’t allowed Corluka to go out on loan, this situation wouldn’t be happening and it’s not as though Lennon was likely to go injury free for the remained of the season?

        2. That may be so my friend but as I said, I have only ever seen him play one decent game at the Lane. Even when he scored what can only be described as ‘the perfect goal’ at the ar5e, he was then at fault in one way or another for all 4 of their goals…..bags of talent which has been wasted through lack of hard work and commitment to the cause, he could have and should have been a contender…… :winke:

    2. Smith is at Leeds but think walker at RM would be a good shout – maybe Kaboul at RB?
      VDV not Defoe

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