Date: 26th March 2012 at 1:45pm
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Good afternoon.

The excellent news is that Fabrice Muamba’s health continues to improve. Let’s just pray that nobody is injured by the slip hazard of flowers, replica shirts and cards etc outside the Reebok. Which begs the question what do the people who laid out all this gear have up their sleeve if he doesn’t continue to pull through?

Today I’ve launched a campaign against the of Princess Diana (CADD).

The People’s Princess was taken too soon.  I had quite a lot on when she snuffed it, so see this as an ideal vehicle to combine my now freer schedule and some stunted emotional issues I need to through. Email me for details on how to be a part of this touching initiative’s funding.

fig.1= Area Carlo should use most. fig.2=Taxi for anyone failing to beat the first man from a corner. fig=3 A balloon for if he sticks to the left wing. fig.4 Emergency barber to ensure wears cornrows. fig.5=Cold beer. Simply wonderful. Yellow arrows=suggested passes to some of our best players.

The Cup then and after the performance against Cheatski we go into the game knowing we’ve turned a corner. No two ways about it, that was a more than creditable point. Bale was more harnessed and as a result, much improved. Benny was a bit sloppy, but that was a fro malfunction I’m sure that he has learned from.

Bolton have been abysmal this season. If Wolves, Wigan and QPR hadn’t all gone out of their way to hit that button marked, ‘Do Not Press’ repeatedly with their foreheads they would take some beating in the awful stakes.

The Trotters have certainly experienced a small but noticeable boost from the sense of togetherness that the Muamba business has brought them, but Spurs mustn’t give this house room and simply go for the jugular.

Wembley and a Champions League spot are 100% back on the cards and it would be good to stick a couple past them, bring on and maybe Azza and let the lads go through the gears a little before taking on Swansea.

Prediction 4-1 to the Tottingham. BIOYBWC!