The Gareth Bale Venn Diagram

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Good morning.

Bloody minded people tend to fall into two catagories.  The ones you can reason with and the ones that are so impervious to rational thought that even if their intentions and assertions made a scrap of sense  you just know that they are going to screw up anyway.

“We haven’t a natural wide-right player apart from Aaron Lennon but Gareth can play there.

“People who moan don’t understand the game. People switch wingers now.

“Lots of left-sided, left-footed wingers play on the opposite side. It happens all the time.

“Bale likes playing there. He plays there for Wales and Gary Speed played him there all the time. He played wide right — he didn’t play left.

“He did all right against Everton. He did better than he has done on the left in the last few weeks — it’s not a problem.”

Arry Redschnapps speaking to the Sun

Faced with this level on intellectual analysis it is difficult to think of much to add that might be constructive.  Oh well, it was very nice while it lasted.

That’s what she said.

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  • Cheeky Bill says:

    Awesome – then awesomely mild. We’ve gone off the boil again at the same stage and it’s not just him.

    However, he’s not just a kid anymore and should stand up up to the challenge.

  • a_felching says:

    Sad it has come to this, 10 points to 1 in three games says it all. For Harry’s next trick he is going to reinvent the wheel :-p

  • rogerspurs says:

    Arry on England in chronological order – “What Englishman wouldn’t want the job” + “It is a hard job and I’m not sure” + “No one has spoken to me about it” + ” I’d play Scholes” + “My focus is on Tottenham” + “I’m not sure. I have a very good job at Tottenham today and I like it. But I do not know. We will wait and see” = one confused and distracted mo’ fo’.
    Is it any wonder the players are struggling to draw any distinctions between arse and elbow?
    Breaks my heart to say it but I see an embarrassing 5th/6th place looming. Hope I’m wrong.
    By the way…What are the latest odds on Arry getting the shove from Spurs AND being bypassed for the England job? Getting shorter by the game I’d imagine!

    • Limerick AL says:

      The quicker we gid rid of this moron the better. Spurs need to regain momentum, not possible with the England Fiasco. Whats the big deal in getting rid of him? His head has been turned, Hes no winner and he needs a good kick in the bollox. Do we want CL football or not? Surely Levy can see the real problem, ie Harry the Buffoon. All Harrys condescending talk aboout Levy, Spurs, The Fans after the court case, and yet this Moron will not step up to the plate and either say he wants the England job or not. Who would want to see the Buffoon at The Lane after this ?

  • Lord Croaker says:

    HH introduce a venn diagram that demonstrates the positive’s of the young upstart!

    Harold’s comments recently equate to a man thats being found out, caught in the headlights and desperate. So yes the middle segment will end in tears.

    Act now Mr Levy!

  • JimmyG2 says:

    Villas Boas is available: young, ambitious, talented, head hunted and fired by Abramovich(always a plus on your CV) something to prove.
    Get him in now, like now. Harry has lost it and so will we if we don’t take action.
    And thanks for everything H.
    Knee jerk? Who are you calling a knee jerk?

    • SerfCity says:

      Levy won’t give up the shot at compensation from the FA, but the cruel irony is that England might not want him AND we lose the Champions League booty

      • Lord Croaker says:

        ‘England might not want him….’ I believe they don’t. The insecurity and pressure demonstrated by HR after the Everton game was an eye opener. He is the darling of the media as everyone thinks because his engages mouth before brain. Passionate yes, however great leaders are No 1 adaptable, think on their feet and most of all play to their strengths. No sign of that Saturday night. Sir Trevor Brooking knows something or two about Harold.

    • a_felching says:

      AVB is no more than a circus clown, Brendan Rodgers is showing how play proper football and beat big teams. The bloke is a class act who would win the league at Spurs

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