Unrepentant Analysis, Unswerving Player Ratings

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Good morning.

We won and that is what we call in the trade, a good thing. ‘I want Champions League and the FA Cup.’ said Tottenham supremo Arry Redschnapps in  a rare post match interview. 

You have to wonder what he’s planning to do with either should he achieve this ambition. The team that blazed a trail and forged a 10 point lead over Arsenal were industrious and talented whereas this mob have sadly descended into being merely looky-likeys of the 2011/2012 Tottenham.

Tactically ineptitude is the heart of the malaise and for obvious reasons it reveals itself when not masked by individual brilliance. Some are refusing to acknowledge this and are exasperated  by what they perceive as the constant nit picking at a manager that has achieved so much. Which must be fabulous way to lead your life. If your definition of fabulous is to be blinkered, unambitious and unquestioning.

This team doesn’t just have the makings of a great one …up until recently it was one! Some refuse to acknowledge the direct correlation between us going off the boil and Arry’s mind being on the once impending threat of abysmal room service in Pentonville or what impact the introduction of Paul Scholes will have on England’s  midfield needs. Anyone who genuinely believes this probably also thinks that those Til Payday Loans on the telly are good value.

It is depressing after having shot like Lilywhite comets that we are rapidly heading into damage limitation territory. We’re at the business end of the season and it’s been mooted by some that our run in is kinder than that of others. I’d be fascinated to know how they came to that conclusion. 

We don’t appear to have any system in place. Every single player in the first squad other than Brad walks out thinking this could be the game where they score a ‘wondergoal’. Defending is an optional extra. Set pieces are an anathema; throw ins have become elaborate drop balls and our corners are so consistently poor the bulk are taken short in an effort to give us some advantage no matter how brief.

A serious shake up is required. If last night had been a boxing match and you airbrushed away all the goals,  Stevenage might well have just won on points.

 7.881 Occasionally seem pulling children out of a burning building. I’d be genuinely interested in playing him over Friedel in the Premiership.

 5.986 If pace were pennies he’d be a millionaire. 

 6.743 Adequate enough but CB’s work in pairs and he is a party of one. We’re linked with a constant stream of strikers, I want us to build from the back.

 3.001 Making Sebastien Bassong memories happy ones. Compounded his stupidity by boring the referee with his life story afterwards.

 6.353 Daft as a brush. 

 7.645 Another shift of having to do the work of three men.

 6. 555 Isn’t good enough to play defensively. Livermore should have started if Sandro wasn’t up for it.

 6. 010 This man has a vision. Excused defending and or making any other useful contributions unless it is contained within the vision.

 7.646 The few glimpses of loveliness came from him. The player that gives our manager an obvious headache of where to play him.

 6.944 I like him lots. It’s taking me a while to accept that he does not, cannot, will not set every gave alight.

 8.000 Our saviour. A man among men. And a veritable hit with the laydees to boot. On the downside he’s a profligate, self indulgent one trick Shetland pony.

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  • Mr Spiggott says:

    The bale comment is spot on. If you’re going to have delusions of grandeur let’s see more results from the output.
    Not everyone suits a licence to roam.

    It’s to just arrys head turning. With the title no longer a possibility we seem to have rested on our laurels and been mugged in the process.

    Certain players are looking beyond this summer already when they should be concentrating on the game in hand.

    Feel sorry for daws but didn’t see him going to the euros anyway so he’s saved the disappointment.

  • Essexian76 says:

    Provided his (Defoe’s) one trick is to stick the ball in the net, I couldn’t give a rats about his personal habits.
    How dare Stevenage give their all and not roll over, shocking display, truly shocking(i)

  • matt says:

    yaaaay we won :)

  • munso says:

    The commentators on the stream I watched on last night were having a pop a Bale for coming off the wing, surely Harry is the brains behind this tactical masterstroke, not Bale himself?
    Got a bit nervy at 2-1, Stevenage were more than a match and looked more likely, so fair play to Defoe, he sure knows how to score, for all his ‘faults’.
    Anyhow, got the win, in the hat for the next round (if it had not already be drawn)(and if there was a hat)

    • JMSPUR says:

      munso, cant remember what game it was (might have been the first game against stevenage) but i watched an interview with Bale in the build up to a game and he was asked about him coming off the wing and whos idea it was, Bale replied ‘My Agent’ i wasnt quite sure how to take that but recently bale has looked like someone who is believing his own hype and is more interested in his own reputation then doing what is needed for the team.

      dont really want this to sound like im having a dig, im just voicing my concerns that the boy is willing to completely change his game on the advise of his agent without any regard of what spurs want/need from him.

  • mus says:

    fakinel make stop the moning we the qf and the 3

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