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Good morning.

The Daily Seige Heil is reporting an impasse in the negotiations to secure the services of Adebayor. Allegedly we’re prepared to pay the old girl £100,000 a week. I do hope our illustrious medics were close by if and when Levy & Co. said they’d be prepared to sign of that one.

But is there a problem? Ade was on the telly last week, on ESPN in fact saying he knew that a financial sacrifice had to be made and that he was prepared to make it. Part *groans* of the piece is here, but he did continue and trot out some genuinely heart warming stuff about having come from nothing, he now had everything and he wanted to be happy. He was happy at Spurs.

So if the financials are a figment of some facista newspaper, the burning question is, ‘is he worth it?’

As a striker he been out performed the Midget Gem aka the boy Defoe; who has scored 2 more goals than him, despite making 3 fewer appearances. 

So the cold hard facts say if anyone is to be first choice, if any frontman is to be on the top lolly then it’s Jermain. But that doesn’t stack up. If the problem with Adebayor is that he doesn’t score enough – and let’s face it 9 from 19 is hardly prolific –  then it’s one I can live with.

What he offers to the team beyond scoring himself is worth the money. He’s had a few duff games, which I’m sure he’s well aware of, but by and large his contributions every match have been immense.

Everyday pro’s and cons? He’s unselfish no matter where he is on the park. I get the distinct impression when he plays a ball be it on the half way line or across the other lot’s six yard line he tries to make the most useful pass he can. His first touch has been a little ropy on occasion, but by contrast he is rarely flagged offside, he rarely concedes free kicks… he clearly has a rigorous dental hygiene programme…

The bottom line is that he is a gifted, intelligent team player with an excellent  Europe wide footballing pedigree and we should go all out to snap him up. 

Defoe is a different player. And if Arry or whoever is managing us next season can swing it we need JD to remain as a cameo. This is going to sound patronising no matter how I word it, but in a nutshell… 

In 20 minutes from Jermain we get a condensed version of him across 90. He’s the very definition of a super sub. He zips out like a heat seeker. Single minded and frequently close to unstoppable. Over 90 minutes I’m struggling to recall when we last saw such an impact.

Defoe and Ade are both class acts in their way. Both occasionally frustrating. But if you want value, you sometimes gotta pay for it.

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  • Totspurs says:

    Saha/Defoe/Ba/Rossi should be our front line for next season.

    • Doc says:

      Ba will not sit on a bench he wants to play every week as will Rossi so with VDV as well I’m afraid your 4 are totally unrealistic.

      • Totspurs says:

        Ba would sit on the bench, we should be aiming for the title and need squad rotation Rossi would probably be first choice he is fantastic. Saha and Defoe would also be squad players Rossi could play right mid too. Ba has a buy-out 7m i believe and would for me be a direct replacement for Adebeyour at half the wage. Rossi has been injured and has only 1yr left on his contract so we could pick him up for less than 15m and VDV for me unsettles our play id rather sell and have an outhodox 4-4-2 bale lennon Robben Hazzard type players on the wings with two of BA/Rossi/Defoe/Saha up top. I really don’t see this as being unrealistic at all

    • Matt84 says:

      Lets not kid ourselves, Rossi will be playing in Serie A next season.

      • Totspurs says:

        Probably Matt in all honesty im sure that Juve would be his preferable destination. Shame i think he would be great for us.

    • Jay says:

      Defoe is a joke, he offers nothing and then when he does get the ball he shoots from anywhere on the pitch…..he is selfish and technically inadequate.

      You see how frustrated Bale got with him the other night, the problem is he has been at spurs so long and has such a big mouth that he forces himself on the pitch.

      PLEASE FELLOW YIDS STOP THE JERMAINE DEFOE HES A YIDDO CHANTS, every bloody game its the same ridiculous thick chant

      • blaineyyid says:

        Are you mad?????
        We need jd and his nonstop shots, if you dont shoot you dont score!! Yes he can frustrate but we need him in the squad as he`s the main one at the mo who can come on and change the game with his goals by being SELFISH and having lots of shots!!!!

  • Shelf side yid says:

    Spot on Harry what about all the goals Ade scored that were not off side,plus the goal against manure! Def well worth the money

    • Jeffrey Pleat says:

      “Spot on Harry”, WRONG…..Non of you lot know anything. Im embarassed by some of you keyboard dweebs…Adebayor is unbelievably rubbish and infuriating, I would rather have Rasiak upfront than that grinning dip shit. Everytime he trys to control the ball it ends up as a back pass to Big Bad Brad..He plays one good game in 10, can’t finish and is generally very lackluster, If he cost 1.2 million and got £3,200 a month I would consider him, but 100k a week, eat shit…..
      Personally I like Defoe..For everyones information I also always hated Robbie Keane, total asswad and hated that our fans idolised him first time round, he was, is, and always has been gash, but that is a previous grievance..Berba made him look good..For me we should be trying to sign Huntelaar or Dzeko..
      Some good news, Van Persie is signing for City according to my dad…#mydadiscalleddavid

  • Shelf side yid says:

    It looks like we will be playing the 4 2 3 1 formation like we have for the last 2 games so only one front man it has to be Ade

  • LoZ says:

    and he has ten (if not more) assists!!!

    No brainer really imho

    • Jeffrey Pleat says:

      9 of the 10 assists (if not more) came from him miscontrolling a 3 yard pass from Modric, which spins up, hits his ugly fat face and falls into the path of Bale or VDV…Maybe thats a little harsh, hes not fat really…Still not worth 10 – 15 million and 100k a week.. You lot really need to learn about football. #jeffreyknowsbest

  • Dutchman says:

    Spot on, H..
    Ade IS a lone striker, JD THINKS he’s a lone striker..
    JD really makes me nuts with his ‘ah, i got the ball, let’s shoot..’

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