What Time Do You Call This?!

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Good morning.

Stevenage indoors it is and we are in for a night of it one way or another. The air of anticipation of will hopefully manifest itself in riotous orgy of flag waving, the singing of songs and chants of love and support.

Alternatively after two losses good number may be sat arms folded, with a look on their face like the one your mother wore when she was waiting for your father to show up; five hours after he rang her from a bar and said he’d be home in an hour.

Museum pieces like me will be in their element as a strong side is expected and we will actually be in for a good old cup tie.¬†Until they collapsed Bimingham gave ¬†Chelsea a damn good go last night. The FA Cup has suffered in football’s process of natural selection but there is great mix of sides still in it this season and it’s worth treating with respect.

Eye catcher bets a plenty. For those wanting to give their heart a good work out but lacking necessary get up and go to hit the gym: Stevenage Half Time, Tottenham Full Time is whopping 20/1. Spurs will pile the pressure on from the off: First Goal is an own goal 25/1. Fancy buying some insurance?: Spurs to win after Extra Time 8/1. Very confident of a goal fest?: Over 1.5 Home Goals 2/9.

#Bale on the left, Lennon on the right. See you under the lights …and BIOYSC!

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