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Norwich indoors it is.

The tactics board is common sense but of course we are trapped in 1986 tinnitus  nightmare where the only song playing is Genesis’ Land Of naffin’ Confusion. 

The facts of the matter are that Bale drifting diagonally in just clogs up space that Rafa and Modders could be using to far better effect. 

fig.1=Bale crosses from the left, fig.2=Pathe News Boy feeds the hungry with neat through balls, fig.3=Lennon crosses from the left.

I’d bin Arry and install Pleat. Millions and millions of pounds worth of players and a manager that either doesn’t know what he’s doing or he doesn’t care.  The crowd yet again had to instruct Arry and after a few rounds for Azza he came on.  

Arry fans point to the mid table mediocrity we’ve endured in the past. I remember those years and have no desire to return to them. But let’s try and do at least a passable impression of intelligent people here. Yes we’re doing well, but despite ourselves. And what have we to fear by wanting to upgrade the tactician? A child could tell you what’s wrong, yet brain surgeons are telling us we must not unsettle the squad. I guess losing a 10 point lead didn’t unsettle them at all…

Bale is bugging the hell out of me (had you noticed?) and so I ask you this. Look back at his best moments and tell me where he was. He was on the bloody left.

Walker needs to focus on being a good defender. I don’t care how fast he is. What the hell has that got to do with the price of fish? Benny’s useful going forward, but his crosses haven’t had Barca or Real clucking. 

Norwich are no fools and I sincerely hope Arry engages his brain before sending out the troops. 

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  • DessySpur says:

    I simply have to agree

  • phil McCrackin says:

    Twitchy out

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Bale doubtful, so that’s that one sorted.
    Now who will he play there on the left? He did say in January that he didn’t need to buy as he had every position covered. So, Krankie then, pacy, direct. Ah, perhaps not. Azza Blud? Hang on, he has no left foot. Modders? Yeah, let’s get him out of the game.
    Never mind, it’s only Norwich.

  • LLL says:

    I’m not really a ‘Harry fan’ but sacking Harry now, or at any other time during this season, has not and will not ever be an option for sensible consideration so please stop putting the idea forth as if it is or ever has been or ever will be.

    You speak of ‘upgrading the tactician’ – but sadly you don’t nominate a successor. I presume you aren’t one of these hopeless dreamers who labour under the illusion that Mr. Mourinho would ever be a genuine contender? So who is it then? Who will take this dream squad that the hapless sap Redknapp has somehow accidentally assembled to their rightful place as title winners and Champions League medal winners?

    • phil McCrackin says:

      THE TACTICIAN ? you are the dreamer,A.B TWITCHY.

    • SerfCity says:

      I thought “steady on boys…the Huns will soon run out of bullets” went out a fashion nearly a century ago. The wheels started coming loose in early December when (i)the rest of the league began to work out our game and raw talent along was not enough, and (ii)our dear leader had thoroughly demoralized and/or shipped off our squad plays; and it only picked up speed when our dear leader got distracted with his National Revenue/National Team concerns. The real mystery to me is why, with such a talented squad and the league opportunities this year, (I’m old enough to know that the stars don’t align all that often) a professional sports team has tolerated this combination of ineptitude and ugly baggage for so long. Full disclosure: I’m also a New York Rangers ice hockey supporter, so ineptitude and bitter disappointment have been well known acquaintances of mine for over 40 years.

      • LLL says:

        Don’t be shy, stop beating around that bush. Who is it? Steve Bruce? Mick McCarthy?

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Load’s of options have been put for on these pages.(look in the archives)
          Happy clappers think so little of Spurs,they think this is as good as it gets.Its time to look forward and stop living in the mid table mindset mode of the past.While Levy’s at the helm the future could be very nice.

        • LLL says:

          Some Spurs fans really are nobs just like so many of those who follow the goons and chelsea etc. Just where do you get your sense of entitlement?

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Truth hurts?

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          I’ve no sense of entitlement LLL,just a belief that the future could be bright for us and part of that future is keeping the best players we have and adding to them,which I don’t believe will happen while Redknapp fucks about.Nob

        • LLL says:

          As is well established Redknapp won’t be fucking about for much longer, so what is your point exactly?

          And you do seem to have a sense of entitlement, you seem to think we can have better times simply by willing it to be. At least you are an optimist though, I don’t see why you have such faith in the future nor come to that matter Levy, seeing as he was the man who hired Redknapp and all the illustrious other head tacticians before him who achieved so much more.

      • Boy Charioteer says:


      • Frontwheel 2 says:

        I think you should look up the meaning of entitlement,optimist yes

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I do nominate a successor. Pleat. It was why he was brought in after all. The man to kick off next season will be one of the men Levy & Co. are talking to right now.

      • LLL says:

        Yes, that’s right, we will be hiring a new manager in the Summer and hopefully Levy will make a good choice. By yours and everyone elses standards, Levy normally gets it very wrong so I don’t know why everyone is so confident that will change this time around.

        But that wasn’t the question. I was asking you who you wanted to come in for these last 6 games after we sack Harry?

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          And I said Pleat. About four times now :blink:

        • LLL says:

          You want Pleat to take charge as of now and then Steve Bruce to take us to the promised land in September? Ok, so long as I’ve got that all straight.

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    Definitely agree that for a home game like this (and every remaining game) we do not need both Sandro and PNB so Lennon starting is an absolute must. I would give VdV a rest and play Saha + Defoe. Oh for Huddlestone (never thought I would ever say that).

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